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Discovery Health Services is a great place to work! Our company philosophy is employee-focused because we understand that our success is dependent on the success and performance of our employees and team members. We treat our employees exceptionally well and offer flexibility and opportunities that allow you to balance career and lifestyle while developing new skills and adding value to your resume. We invite you to join the DHS team, earn better hourly pay than the full-time staff at the facilities we work with, and enjoy the ideal career/life balance that comes with being able to work when and where you wish.

DHS is a Top Rated Employer

All of our caregivers and nurses are employees of our company and eligible for benefits such as 401K matching and vacation accrual according to their status and time with our company. We expect our employees to be the best in our industry and in return we treat them extremely well because we recognize that without their good work our company could not be the successful and respected company we have earned a reputation for being.

Our Yelp and Google reviews are outstanding and we understand that the only way to maintain our good name is to continue to pay well, meet the wishes of our clientele and treat our employees with respect. We also invite you to hear what our employees say about us by clicking here.

Work when you want where you wish

DHS offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Whether looking for full-time employment, a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle or for exposure and experience at a variety of places DHS will treat you like a star!

Hospitals and Facility jobs

We always have needs for job opportunities with hospitals, long term care, and skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and outpatient centers to fulfill their shift needs. These types of clients typically request staff for 8 and 12-hour shifts at all hours and days of the week. You can choose which facilities or hospitals you want to work at and tell us when you are available. Skill sets of all levels are in demand, including RN, LVN, CNA, and allied staff.

Home Health and Hospice Agency work

These companies pay visit rates and the pay is typically higher per hour than facility work and requires travel to the patient's residence. Nurses also receive mileage reimbursement and can create their own schedule around visit times and travel. These companies typically need RNs, LVNs, and CHHAs to meet their needs and experience in this field is a prerequisite.

Clinical Trials and Research job opportunities

We work with several clinical trials and research companies that are testing new products, drugs, and treatments. This is generally works for experienced RNs only and the pay is great. Research and trials work is always interesting and typically involves travel to each patient visit and succinct charting and information collecting. Training is always provided and nurses in this field are highly paid while adding value to their resumes in learning new skills and working at the cutting edge of medicine.

Unlimited opportunities and  better pay

We pay higher hourly rates than the industry standard for full-time employees working in facilities or as regular staff at hospitals. Our specialty jobs like in-home infusion and clinical trials and research are among the highest paying in the industry. As you develop new skills and continue your education we will give you higher pay and new opportunities to elevate your career.

In-Home IV Infusion

Some of the highest-paid nurses in the healthcare field are in this line of work and we have several contracts with specialty pharmacies that provide in-home IV treatments and therapies throughout the county. This is high tech, high skilled IV nurse's ideal job because it's one-on-one patient care and you work somewhat autonomously, using line setting skills and seeing the same patient on a set schedule while earning great pay.

Private Duty Home Care & Nursing

DHS owns Home Care of La Jolla and Home Care of San Diego which are licensed home care agencies with great reputations. With private/personal care patients there is more time and effort given to deliver the kind of service requested by the client and our nurses and caregivers often become endeared by the families they care for. We have a clinical supervisor that works with all of our home care staff and our office staff are always here to support you in your role as a private caregiver or nurse.

Candidates for home care work get to be interviewed by a patient's family or guardian to ensure a good match between patient and caregiver/nurse so you never have to work with a family or client that is not a great fit. Home care work can be periodic or full time with a single-family depending on your preference and the needs of the client. Some of our caregivers work with more than one family each week and others are with one family as a live-in.

Employee options


All Allied Staff, Medical Specialty Personnel, Nurses, and Caregivers that join our company as per-diem employees have unlimited flexibility to work as often as they like. Per diem employees can work across all sectors of the healthcare market, gaining valuable skills and exposure to a variety of facility types and also clinical trials and research.

We think this is a perfect job for candidates looking to sharpen skills, create more career value, build connections in the healthcare community, and enjoy a great work/life balance. Many of our employees have used per-diem flexibility to continue their education, building their schedules around their schooling, and working at facilities that match their career goals.

Per-diem employees are considered "at-will" employees and are under no obligation to accept shifts or work any minimum number of hours.
Per-diem employees remain on our active roster and are eligible to work as long as the current license, CPR, and other related documents are current.

Allowing employees to retain active status gives our Allied Staff, Medical Specialty Personnel, Nurses and Caregivers the opportunity to take a travel assignment and return to per-diem shift work without having to complete the application process a second time.

Recruitment to Hire

In recruitment to hire employment agreement, a candidate is typically under contract to work at a specific facility for a set duration.

At the end of the contract term, the facility and nurse/caregiver each have the option to exercise a "buyout".
If the nurse/caregiver would like to continue to work at the facility as an employee of the facility, the client can offer such permanent employment for a fee paid to DMS.

The recruitment to hire option works especially well for nurses looking for the security and consistency of full-time employment with one facility and has the added benefit of allowing a nurse/caregiver and the client to determine whether they are a "good fit" without an upfront, long-term commitment.

Block Booking

Fill in for facility employees during transitions at the facility or while an in-house employee is out on leave or vacation. The block booking opportunities are perfect for candidates looking to have a set schedule and consistent employment for a short duration without having to commit to a long term full-time contract. It's also a great way to get to know a facility you may want to apply for permanent work before making a decision.

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