Employee Temperature Screening

On-Site Employee Temperature Testing

Employee Temperature Screening ServiceDHS has over a decade of experience delivering healthcare solutions to companies of all sizes. Employee temperature screening is something we have done since 2011- after the H1N1 outbreak- long prior to the onset of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and therefore have fully developed, start-ready programs for employers of all sizes.

Our clientele includes medical device manufacturers, government agencies, biotechs, the aviation industry, and other essential businesses. We bring that same expertise to your business, supporting your HR department in messaging, logistics and flow, and policy creation.

Employee Temperature Screening can be integral to your workplace productivity and safety. Hiring an experienced firm to conduct the testing reduces risk and allows your workforce to focus on their job without concerns for logistics, equipment, and the need to develop a solid program from scratch.

By hiring an external firm that employees only licensed and certified medical professionals, employers that are risk-averse are protected from claims of bias or discrimination. With Discovery Health Services there no need to buy equipment and supplies, train or convert existing employees, or slow productivity. Our firm provides full-scale management and applies our expertise to custom tailor an employee temperature check program that keeps productivity flowing.

Employee Temperature Screening Program Overview


Our fee is $60/hour per screener if we provide CNA, NA, MA or EMT. $80/hour if you prefer LVN or Paramedics. $100/hour for RN or NP.

Most companies choose employees at the $60/hour price point. Some prefer to have higher level nurses conduct the screening, putting to use their ability to assess and provide guidance.

Policy development and employee messaging:

  • We will help your company develop a policy as to how long they should stay home before returning to work- adding that they must check that their temperature is in the normal range before returning.
  • We may make suggestions as to how this can become a positive experience that sets a productive tone to the workday. We have done this successfully by offering something as simple as lollipops for team members as they pass through the testing site and also helped companies design a space for testing that is warmed by plants and design elements.
  • Your company will need to provide notice of your intention to conduct temperature screening at the workplace.
  • Our team will do the rest including set-up, provide all supplies, and conduct the checks. Our temperature screening experts are well trained, polite, and positive people, all of whom are licensed and certified medical professionals, and employees of our company- not contract labor.


  • We can provide temperature testing at the point of entry to your offices, just inside or at a parking garage.
  • If at a parking garage we can (with building management's approval) have signs that say temperature checks are required for your employees and optional for all others. If you partner with other building occupants we would list their names as well.
  • Our nurses and staff will be wearing scrubs, gloves, and masks. They are trained to be friendly and polite so employees begin their day with a positive experience.

Our policy on denying employees entry into the workplace:

  • Employees that test at 100.4 and above are politely asked to return in 10-20 minutes to be retested.
  • After three above 100.4 readings, employees are asked to go home and report to their supervisors or HR.

Getting Started:

  • DHS will submit a proposal and Scope of Work for your review based on the times of day and duration you would like our services.
  • Your DHS Account Manager will visit your site and map logistics, flow, and determine the number of screeners appropriate.
  • Your Employee Temperature Screening Service begins on a start date of your choosing.

Thinking beyond:

Forward-thinking businesses understand that employee morale and the manner in which they perceive their employer's concern for them are integral to success. Discovery Health Services programs focus on the employee experience. We want your employees arriving at their desk or work stations feeling positive about the day.

Having your temperature checked at work can be a negative experience that disrupts one's personal routine- a routine that brings them comfort and sets their rhythm. Our programs are evolved to create a positive feel that reduces the intrusive nature of employee temperature screening and leaves employees feeling cared for.

A Complete Employee Temperature Testing Solution

Your Program includes:

  • Trained licensed and certified medical personnel
  • Logistics planning and guidance
  • A personal in-office account liaison
  • A personal 24 hour Field Supervisor
  • Top-quality No-contact IR Thermometers
  • PPE and supplies for medical staff
  • Cost projections & calendars
  • Guidance on program launch and necessary employee notice

Smart businesses hire us because we constantly strive to exceed expectations. Our company works every day with the mission of achieving perfection in what we do for our clientele and the jobs and careers we provide our employees. Supported by a dedicated team and 24-hour live on-call support.

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