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Since 2002 Discovery Health Services has provided multi-state Onsite Flu Shots and Corporate Employee Wellness Programs to corporations, government agencies, schools and universities, non-profits, groups, and organizations looking to immunize their members or workforce during flu season. Among our clients are US Customs and Border Patrol, Metro Transit Authority, Scripps Healthcare, The San Diego Housing Authority, several schools and academies, Viejas, Harrah's and Pala Casinos, and over 300 business including law firms, biotechs, banks, auto manufacturers, and large and small offices of every stripe.

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We provide on-site wellness, employee temperature checks, vaccination clinics and events for every size business. Whether you have thousands of participants like our largest clients or 15 like our smallest our focus will be on making your event a success.

Coordination & Support- The cornerstones of a successful onsite employee temperature screening station, flu shot and employee wellness event

From your first call to the final shot, Discovery Health’s team will help make your employee temperature check service, flu, B-12, or vaccination clinic safe, efficient and worry-free. We provide everything you need and administrative support to ensure your screenings or flu event is a success.

Education & Information- The drivers of great turnout

Employee wellness is positive for all and understanding the benefits of participation can be a big motivator to participate. We know you’re busy, and our team is here to make your employee temperature screenings, event or flu clinic as simple and successful as possible.

You'll receive all the necessary information on your event from our expert staff before well your clinic, including e-copies of consent forms and educational materials, FAQ's to share, customizable eblasts for your employees and any insurance certificates or licensing needed for your event.

Pricing & Service- flu shots and wellness deliver great ROI

We buy vaccine in large quantities directly from manufacturers and are very price-conscious because we know our clients want great service and a smart, capable professional helping them organize their event all at a great price. We've designed our programs to meet our client's needs, contain costs through efficiency and organization, and continually work to improve on everything we do with the goal of exceeding expectations.

We are able to offer below-market pricing because the nurses and staff that arrive to run your event are employees of our company. The benefit of our never using outsourced or “rented” nurses at a premium from another staffing agency is that we don't have to build that extra cost into our prices. Not only do our clients benefit from this cost savings, they are also getting highly trained and experienced nurses that we know and trust. The result is a best-priced event with nurses that are sure to deliver a safe, efficient service.

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Onsite Flu Shot and Employee Wellness Options

  • Flu Shots and other vital vaccinations, such as Hepatitis-B and T-Dap.
  • B-12 and B-Complex injections for Employees that prefer not to get a Flu Shot
  • On-site IV Infusion Therapy
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Diagnostic Health Screenings
  • Biometric Measurements
  • Health Care Professional Consultation
  • Naturopathic Doctor Consultation
  • Aggregate Reporting
  • Third-Party Drug and Alcohol Screening

Areas Served & Logistics

Our On-Site Services can be performed at almost any location safely and efficiently for groups of 25 or more. Smaller groups that would like the convenience of having us come to your location and avoid the trouble of driving to get a shot can get the same great service for a flat rate of $240 for the nurse, plus the cost of each shot given.

We serve all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego. We have partner providers in most states throughout the US and provide full-scale coordination for clients with multiple offices and locations.

Privacy screens are provided at no extra cost per request and our staff arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up, carrying with them all necessary supplies and disposal containers.

Our staff provides clinic coordination assistance and full-circle organizing, working closely with clients to deliver services that are a perfect fit.

How it all works...costs & fees scheduling, nurse ratios, flu and wellness clinic duration, coordination

More shots or tests= better pricing. Rates are based on the quantity of vaccinations administered at each location/site/office.

We ask that each client estimate participation as accurately. If you tell us there will be fifty people getting flu shots we will staff your clinic accordingly (probably 2 nurses for two hours) and send out adequate supplies. We will ask you to sign an agreement that says we will bill you for a minimum of forty participants. Otherwise, you pay for however many shots or tests are administered above that minimum of forty.

If people didn't participate in the numbers expected we credit unused shots and your employees can come to one of our offices until Jan 1 of the year following your event from the time your invoice is paid.

Nurse Staffing Ratios

One nurse can vaccinate or give shots to about 25 participants per hour. One nurse can administer biometric tests to about 7 people per hour. Our nurse staffing ratios are based on these metrics.
Sometimes clients want a faster clinic. They can request a higher ratio of nurses for their event at a rate of $50/hour, per nurse.

We focus on efficiency so employees can get the service they want without feeling rushed but back to work and productive quickly. Immunization clinics/events are generally scheduled for two or four hour time blocks depending on the number of participants. Wellness clinics can be an all day affair for groups of more than 200 and often spread over two days.


Turnout and Participation

Impact is important. We like to help our clients host a successful, well attended, and positive experience event.

We work with HR or a company's clinic coordinator (and often their producer/agent at the insurance company) to help them create schedules for attendance, get consent forms out and advertise their events. We are experts at this and helping our clients to the extent they wish to let go of the coordination and trust us to manage everything for them is a big part of what we do and why we are trusted and successful.

We believe pricing should be straight forward so you can easily compare our company to a competitors so we've made our pricing entirely fee-free. No hidden charges & no tough math. Just straight forward costs per shot, test, and (only if a client requests extra) nurses.


Flu Shots, Vaccinations, and Wellness Events deliver Results

Onsite Flu Shots and Corporate Employee Wellness Programs result in fewer employee sick days, increased productivity, improved employee retention, and cost savings. Employees appreciate the benefit of having their employer sponsor some level of wellness program at the workplace. Happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company, a fact backed by years of research.

For about $30 per employee, a flu shot or a B-12 shot for those that prefer something more natural is a smart investment in the health of your business. Spending a little more to have something greater like a wellness event with biometric screening, a lecture on diet from one of our Naturopathic Doctors, or on physical pain and mobility from our regenerative medicine MD will deliver even more ROI and result in lower employee turnover and fewer days off.

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