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Trusted & Service-Driven Workplace Flu Clinics

Since 2002, Discovery Health Services (DHS) has provided multi-state on-site flu shots and corporate employee wellness programs to corporations, government agencies, schools and universities, nonprofits and organizations of every size looking to immunize their members or workforce during flu season. 

We’ve managed on-site flu clinics for: 

  • US Customs and Border Patrol
  • Metro Transit Authority
  • Scripps Healthcare
  • The San Diego Housing Authority
  • Viejas
  • Harrah's and Pala Casinos
  • 300+ businesses including law firms, biotechs, banks, auto manufacturers

Along with this corporate flu vaccination service, DHS provides on-site wellness clinics, COVID-19 employee testing, employee temperature screening, and other events. Whether you have thousands of participants or just 15, our focus will be on making your event a success.

Ask Us About Flu Shot and Wellness Programs

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Testing Program

Why Choose DHS Over Other Flu Clinic Providers? 

From your first call to the final shot, the DHS team will make your clinic safe, efficient and worry-free. We know that employee wellness is important and understanding the benefits of participation can be a big motivator to attend. With that in mind, our expert staff will provide helpful tools before the clinic, including e-copies of consent forms, educational materials and FAQ's, customizable eblasts for you to send out to employees, and any insurance certificates or licensing needed for your event.

We provide everything you need and administrative support to ensure your event is a success.


Pricing & Service Deliver Strong ROI

Our price-conscious and efficient approach assists clients in organizing their event all at a great price. We are able to offer below-market pricing because: 

  1. We buy vaccine in large quantities directly from manufacturers. 
  2. The nurses and staff who run your event are all DHS employees. 

The benefit of never using outsourced or “rented” nurses at a premium from another staffing agency is that we don't build that extra cost into our prices. The result is a best-priced event with highly trained and experienced nurses that we know and trust.


On-site Flu Shots and Employee Wellness Options

  • Flu shots and other vital vaccinations, such as Hepatitis-B ,T-Dap and COVID-19
  • B-12 and B-Complex injections for employees who prefer not to get a flu shot
  • On-site IV infusion therapy
  • Weight loss programs
  • Diagnostic health screenings
  • Biometric measurements
  • Health care professional consultation
  • Naturopathic doctor consultation
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Third-party drug and alcohol screening


If your employees received the Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months ago, they may be eligible for a booster shot depending on their age and risk factors. This has been a confusing issue for corporations and families to navigate, in part because of policy changes around the rise of the Delta variant and the availability of data supporting the need for a booster. 

The booster has been shown to provide additional protection against COVID-19 (including the Delta variant) by increasing the immune response in Pfizer recipients; Moderna and J&J vaccine booster data is forthcoming. It is also safe for recipients to receive both the COVID-19 vaccine booster and flu shot at the same time, if they elect to do so.


Locations & Logistics

We deliver safe and efficient on-site services at almost any location for groups of 25 or more. Smaller groups that prefer the same convenience of on-site flu shots can get the same service for a flat rate of $240 for the nurse, plus the cost of each shot given.

We serve all of Southern California, including:  

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County 
  • San Diego

With partner providers in most states throughout the US, we also offer full-scale coordination for clients with multiple offices and locations.


Workplace Flu Vaccinations Program Overview

Program Costs

For about $30 per employee, a flu shot (or a B-12 shot for those that prefer something more natural) is a smart investment in the health of your business. 

We base our rates on the quantity of vaccinations administered at each location/office, and more shots or tests = better pricing. Our workplace flu clinics are entirely fee-free with no hidden charges – just straightforward costs per shot, test, and (only if a client requests extra) nurses.

Nurse Staffing Ratios

One nurse can vaccinate about 25 participants per hour, or administer about 7 biometric tests per hour. For a faster event, you can add additional nurses at a rate of $50/hour, per nurse.

Immunization clinics/events are generally scheduled for two- or four-hour time blocks depending on the number of participants. Wellness clinics can be an all-day affair for groups of more than 200 and often spread over two days. We ask that each client estimate participation so we can staff accordingly and provide your team with a clear schedule.

We credit any unused shots, so once your invoice is paid, employees who missed the clinic can still get vaccinated at one of our offices until Jan 1 of the following year. 

Coordination and Participation

We work with your company's clinic coordinator (and often an agent at the insurance company) to help create attendance schedules, distribute consent forms and advertise the events. Coordinating clinics and wellness events of all sizes is our expertise, so you can trust us to manage everything for you. Our goal is always to execute successful, well-attended events where participants walk away with a positive experience. 

Employer Flu Shot Clinics and Other Wellness Events Deliver Results

Employees appreciate the benefit of employer-sponsored wellness programs at the workplace. Years of research show that happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company.

Whether you invest in flu shots or spend a little more for a wellness event (biometric screening, a diet seminar from one of our naturopathic doctors, a physical pain and mobility presentation from our regenerative medicine doctors, or others) Discovery Health Services programs deliver ROI for your organization through: 

  • fewer employee sick days
  • increased productivity
  • improved employee retention
  • cost savings

Call 855.249.5433 or email wellness@discoveryhealthofca.com to schedule your clinic or other wellness programs now.

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