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Specialty Medical Staffing Services

Discovery Medical Staffing (DMS) is the specialty medical staffing agency of choice for many San Diego hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We hire, staff and place more than 1,000 nurses, nurse aides and allied medical professionals each year for healthcare facilities throughout San Diego County, including:  

  • hospitals
  • skilled nursing/long-term care facilities
  • assisted living facilities
  • specialty pharmacies
  • hospice and home care agencies
  • private residential and care providers 
  • and more.
Temperature Screening at work

DMS specializes in per-diem/daily placements, block booking, travel and recruitment for hire and more. Whether you need to "fill in" shifts missed by your own staff or want to plan ahead to cover for employees on vacation, DMS can help.



With live, 24-hour on-call service and the industry's best scheduling software, DMS is always ready to solve your staffing challenges. Day or night, don’t worry about low staffing ratios threatening compliance – call DMS! Our 24-hour service means there’s virtually no difference in calling for staff at 2:00 am vs. 2:00 pm.

Our compliance experts understand Title 22 entities and speak the language of care plans, recertifications and 485s.  Meanwhile, our support team ensures timely transmission of all paperwork, which keeps your company compliant and equips you to submit billing to your payors efficiently. 

To ensure a stable workforce, we’ve launched a new model of permanent employment for temporary staff. This innovative approach offers high-demand nurses flexible schedules with full-time guaranteed pay, so they still get the opportunity to work in different fields, but also enjoy the security of benefits with reliable pay. In the ultra competitive job market, this model accomplishes more than just filling shifts -- it gives people the kind of respect they deserve. This is the hallmark of our company, and something our clients and employees all benefit from.

Call 855.623.2466 to reach our live, 24-hour on-call scheduling service now.

On-Call Staffing Expertise and Accreditation

After 15 years of serving the San Diego medical community, DMS knows how to find the right mix of experience and personality to match your facility or specialty (home infusion, hospice, technical units, etc.) with the best temporary staff or new hire. Additionally, DMS acts as a sub-contractor or downstream entity to agencies with master contracts or vendor management responsibilities. 

DMS conducts personal interviews with all nurses, caregivers and allied professionals who must meet stringent on-boarding and quality control requirements, including:

  • ANA-equivalent skills test
  • Medication proficiency test
  • Client-specific requisites
  • Background check
  • Drug testing
  • License certification
  • OSHA and HIPAA testing

We adhere to applicable JCAHO and state and federal certification and accreditation standards for hiring and training. These stringent hiring practices ensure that you benefit from well-trained and vetted staff who are compliant with the standards and license requirements of your facility. 


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