Terms of Employment

How We Pay

All nurses and caregivers are automatically eligible for weekly pay benefits. For any shift worked a nurse/caregiver only needs to provide their signed or e-verified time slip (in-person, via fax and email) and DMS will immediately process a check that the employee can pick-up at the office every Friday or request to have it mailed. DMS will also offer debit card paychecks on a weekly basis & direct deposit.


DMS works with the Blumenthal Insurance Agency to give our nurses a choice of HMO & PPO insurance plans through a variety of providers. employees eligible for insurance include all nurses on a full-time contract and full-time office employees. Several plans are available that offer different levels and coverage to suit an employee's particular needs. Our policy is to pay a flat amount of an employee's selected plan every month.


All nurses, caregivers, and allied staff are required to meet standards for employment that are equivalent to what is required of JCAHO certified hospitals and agencies. Requisites include, but are not limited to, on-site skills testing for an employee's related field, HIPPA, and OSHA testing, current licenses, and CPR, physical and PPD, clean drug screen, and background check, and two references from an employer in a related field. Some clients may require that further requisites be met.

Application Process

Applications for employment can be mailed to any prospective applicant but all testing and screening must be done onsite or proctored online to ensure compliance without clients and the standards we maintain as company policy. The entire application process will take 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the specialty of the applicant. Once an application is completed, tests are graded, and references checked an employee is ready to work immediately at any DMS contracted facility or agency.


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