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How healthy is your corporate wellness program? Does it contribute to your company’s bottom line with measurable results? Have you seen a return on your investment in it through higher workforce productivity and lower turnover rates? If not, how can you fix it?

Successful wellness programs don’t just happen — they’re the product of careful planning, research and implementation, often with the help of seasoned experts.

Discovery Health Systems understands deeply what employee wellness is and who benefits from it because effective wellness program components are our bread and butter.

We’ve put together some pro tips on identifying the most important components of effective wellness programs so that you can build bespoke corporate wellness solutions that are:

  • Tailored to your staff and industry
  • Compliant with federal regulations
  • Measurable and accessible
  • Guided by expert insight

Importance of Effective Wellness Programs

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health at work for retaining workers and attracting top-caliber talent. But are wellness programs really effective? And what, exactly, do successful wellness programs look like?

We’ve been helping large and small companies maximize the potential of their workforce through structured and accountable wellness programs for years. We give you access to data about the health and well-being of your employees so that you can identify the wellness program components they’ll respond to and benefit from the most.

Armed with these insights, you can work with your team to develop a work wellness program that delivers measurable ROI, like reduced call-offs, lower turnover rates and increased engagement among your most valued workers.

Successful Corporate Wellness Components

The most successful wellness programs fit your team, your industry and your budget. At DHS, we design wellness programs that are inclusive of pin-point data metrics to determine efficacy while also engaging workers from the C-suite to the loading docks, and everywhere in between. Here are the main wellness program components every successful program needs:

Management and Leadership Team Support

The success of any effective wellness programs always starts at the top. Make sure your entire leadership team is not only okay with your corporate wellness endeavors but fervently enthusiastic about them. When other workers see the CEO, their office manager or their direct supervisors enthusiastically participating in a workplace challenge or volunteer effort, they’ll be much more likely to take part in the work wellness program themselves. On the other hand, if management is seen as exempt from corporate wellness, attitudes will quickly sour as feelings of resentment spread.

Adherence to Federal Standards

Whether you’re hosting an onsite clinic for vitamin B12 shots, offering smoking cessation support or using a different strategy, you need to make certain that all your wellness program components comply with applicable federal regulations. Larger corporations often have human resources experts who can help navigate these complex and exacting rules, but smaller companies typically seek assistance from an experienced professional like Discovery Health.

Near-Universal Employee Buy-In

The improved health and well-being of workers is the main objective of any work wellness program — so there’s no way it can be effective unless the majority of your staff is onboard. That’s why promoting wellness programs to employees is key. You’ve got to get them excited about engaging in wellness components with more than just monetary incentives, which only offer short-term results. For success in the long haul, make sure your corporate wellness solutions are tailored to your workers’ needs, inclusive of employees’ families and accessible through both hard-copy and digital platforms.

Measurable Goals

How do you achieve and indicate a solid ROI on corporate wellness? With measurable goals, like fewer sick days and insurance claims or improved biometrics. You’ll have some “soft” data, like improved morale and deeper engagement among coworkers, but those kinds of results are difficult to measure — and nearly impossible to pitch to a corporate board. If you start out designing your wellness program components to focus on quantifiable changes in health or behavior, you’ll be well on your way to a successful wellness program. And you’ll have the numbers to prove it.

Insight from the Experts

Does all this information make successful wellness programs sound like a seriously heavy lift? Remember that you’re not alone in this project! Discovery Health Services brings you 20-plus years of experience working with companies of all sizes to develop bespoke corporate wellness solutions. We understand your workplace and can help you determine the wellness components that your staff will respond to, engage with and ultimately benefit from. Use our insight and expertise to create the most successful wellness program your company has ever seen.

Effective Wellness Programs from Discovery Health

Take the first step toward corporate wellness strategies that can improve the health of your employees, your brand and your bottom line. Contact Discovery Health today and discover tailored wellness program components that work!