Wellness Tips for Leaders and Their Employees

Jun 21, 2022

Supporting Yourself As A Leader

As a leader, you’re used to being “on” –  fielding questions, giving direction, and taking calls. But with such easy access to communication, it can feel nearly impossible to fully unplug during your time off. While some moments may require you to log on after your normal hours – it’s essential for leaders to prioritize stepping back to rest. What are the benefits of resting for people in leadership? Keep reading to find out!


Rest improves your health. 

Rhythms of rest play a vital role in your immune system and if you overwork yourself, you will pay for it. Fight the temptation of feeling like you need to handle everything so you can be healthy when your team needs you most. Part of being a good leader means working WITH your immune system – not against it. 

Rest increases your creativity.

Creativity dies when your brain and body are overwhelmed. In order to stay refreshed and creative, you need to allow yourself time to walk away from your work and gain different perspectives. Try your best to stay away from your work over the weekends so you can walk in Monday morning ready to brainstorm fresh ideas and lead your team with energy. 

Rest provides others a chance to lead.

Taking a break creates space for others in your organization to step up and lead. These opportunities are key for the long-term flourishing of your company as it is a step toward developing up-and-coming leaders. If you feel like you can’t, that’s a great indicator to focus on training potential leaders. This will always be worth your while, as it creates more opportunities for you to step back and rest.

Take your leadership to the next level!

DHS can support you and your team through third-wave wellness practices. From aromatherapy and guided meditation to holistic wellbeing workshops – these practices will support your leadership and improve the health of your team! Contact us to learn more.

Supporting Your Team

We always say healthy employees are productive employees. So what are small ways you can encourage employees to stay healthy on their own time? Check out these inclusive ideas you can introduce to your team to encourage them on their health journey.

Going On Daily Walks

Going on daily walks, even for just 20-30 minutes, is an incredibly beneficial habit. Not only does this practice improve cardiovascular health and strengthen your bones/muscles (amongst many other things), but it does wonders for your mental health. The best part? You don’t need a gym membership or copious amounts of free time – just some comfortable shoes and pavement. 

Taking Vitamins and Supplements 

While vitamins used to focus on filling the gaps of what your food lacked, today’s also nurture specific areas of your health, from your cells to your whole body. Suggesting simple, affordable vitamins and supplements to your team will benefit both of you in the long run.


Support Employee Wellness

Want to dig deeper? When you partner with DHS, we will create a customized wellness plan for YOUR company. This means we visit your facility, get to know your team, run screenings to assess everyone’s base level, and make suggestions from there. Get started today by reaching out!


Discovery Health Services

Wellness options that your employees care about are essential to meaningful impact. Through our programs and technology, you will collect actionable data to address productivity, inform hiring decisions, and increase profits.

Only Discovery Health Services (DHS) offers a new approach to workplace wellness that helps both businesses – and their people – thrive.

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