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COVID-19 Services For Employers.

Restart, de-risk, get compliant, and return to productivity with DHS plans and services. Employee COVID-19 Testing and Risk-mitigation with Purpose

When done with purpose a COVID 19 employee testing service and/or Temperature Screening Service can have a profoundly positive impact on your company’s push to reopen and thrive.

We recognize that your company did not budget for such a dilemma. That substantial investment in unprecedented safety measures compounds the upset already caused by this pandemic disruption.

What we do is deliver these necessary COVID-19 services for employers with Return on Investment as our lighthouse.

Our services have been meticulously constructed with every detail considered for its impact on your workplace safety, employee sentiment, litigious and insurance claim risk, and the importance of productivity and profit.

ROI is realized in having employees that are able to focus on their work and productivity without the fear and concerns they -and we- encounter as we adapt to these extraordinary times. We tailor our services to meet your needs and in a manner that speaks to your unique employee demographic.

Cost savings are realized by our providing you with a cache of policy and legal documents, employee messaging templates and notices constructed with our expertise and our corporate council. When you use our services these documents are provided at no additional cost.

The fact is that employees that feel their employer cares for and is willing to invest in their comfort and wellbeing cost less and perform better.

Another fact is that you are forced by circumstance to spend money to meet these new COVID-19 related regulations. We encourage you to do so with purpose and the same goal we believe you had prior to this crisis- growth and profitability.

Our company can help you get there.