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Public Health Crisis Solutions by DHS

DHS provides services for employers, schools, government agencies, and the public for preventing and responding to a health crisis.

DHS Has Years of Experience Responding to Public Health Crises

We work in every US state and hold a Federal Clinical Laboratory License, making us one of the few providers able to legally conduct COVID-19 testing throughout the country.

The DHS team has worked hand-in-hand with governmental agencies to contain outbreaks of hepatitis and abnormal flu strains such as H1N1 and pertussis. We were in the center of the H1N1 response and received 400,000 doses of that vaccine to administer to the public. It is this experience that we’ve applied to develop programs for on-site COVID-19 testing–creating programs, strategies, and legal policies specific to the needs of every sector we serve.

A Variety of Services to Support a Variety of Needs

Testing for Large Events

Mitigate further outbreaks by partnering with DHS to conduct PCR Testing or Rapid Antigen Testing for your next meeting, wedding, concert or gathering. Whether you have thousands of participants like our largest clients or 15 like our smallest, our focus will be on making your event a success. For larger groups, an Event Coordinator is provided with your service to ensure wait times are minimal and testing is well organized.

Proctor Testing to Meet Workplace Compliance

Some organizations may require employees to be fully vaccinated or require unvaccinated workers to produce a negative test result weekly to be eligible to work. Our on-site and mobile COVID-19 testing services are comprehensive and can meet that need. We provide all policy documents, employee messaging templates, logistical planning, personnel, supplies, and create a HIPAA compliant aggregate report for your company.

Rapid Response After an Outbreak

Despite preventative measures, outbreaks can still happen. When they do, DHS is prepared to help you minimize the spread through on-demand pop-up testing events. Not only will we coordinate quickly and efficiently, but we can provide same day test results. You may choose rapid antigen testing or pay a fee of $260 to $580 for us to courier your PCR tests to the lab–guaranteeing results in less than 24 hours.

How We Work with Employers

DHS offers solutions unique to your industry that will make your workforce and your customers feel most comfortable.

For employers looking to conduct mandatory employee COVID-19 Testing, we have special programs for manufacturing, office settings, return-to-work testing, outbreak containment, and employee travel. An account manager will be assigned–lending you their expertise and guidance to ensure your testing delivers a true ROI, is sensitive to employee perspectives, and conforms to applicable labor laws.

For those employers in the entertainment industry, we will assign you a specialty COVID Compliance Officer–an expert in meeting the requirements set forth by SAG/AFTRA. Additionally, our Advisory Board has developed a Best Practices manual specific to your industry so we are never without an answer when you have a question or need guidance.

How We Work with Schools and Universities

DHS offers a full service suite of services designed specifically for both public and private schools, including athlete testing.

We have a new $35 testing service reserved for schools and universities only. We use the most accurate rapid antigen tests in the US–The CareStart AccessBio and the Abbott BinaxNOW, both loaded with smartphone tech and traceable records.

You will be assigned an expert in policy and testing to help create a strategy that best fits the needs of your institution–keeping your testing budget-minded, safe, efficient and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Our athlete testing program is unparalleled in being compliant with State, Federal and Local rules and is designed to accommodate practice and game schedules, including nights and weekends.

How We Work with Government Agencies

DHS offers public health services to government agencies on both national and local levels.

We have decades of experience in providing vital medical services, such as mass vaccination and testing of the public, under various contract types–including through the RFP process and as a listed vendor. We are able to test on a mass scale and provide results in less than 48 hours at our mobile sites. Our clientele include the US Customs and Border Patrol, Metro Transit Authority, and San Diego Airport Authority.

We also partner with local and county officials of health departments who are seeking to provide public health solutions to their communities. Through these relationships, we have the pleasure of making an impact at the ground level of community health management.

How We Work with the Public

Through Hummingbird, DHS applies our experience, knowledge, and expertise to serve communities with our COVID-19 testing centers.

Hummingbird is a subsidiary of Discovery Health Services. Hummingbirds are agile, elegant, and work with exacting efficiency- perfect traits for a testing company that aims to provide an exceptional service to our communities in these unprecedented times.

If you live in Southern California and are looking to do your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, you can visit one of Hummingbird centers for free testing before attending your next event, celebration, or flight. We also offer concierge testing that can be conducted at your place, be it a residence, hotel, or business.

Serving World Class Brands for 20 Years

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