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Heart Program

Empower workers with access to heart health professionals and keep a pulse on productivity. 

Why Prioritize Employee Heart Health?

Fortify your workforce by protecting what matters most.

In today’s fast-paced world, where work demands can sometimes overshadow personal well-being, it’s essential to invest in the health of your most valuable asset your employees. A healthy heart is not only crucial for a long and fulfilling life but also for productivity, focus, and overall job satisfaction. 

Your program is tailored to the needs of the modern workplace, offering a range of services and resources to assess, improve, and maintain heart health. From cutting edge medical screenings to personalized coaching and accessible online tools, we have everything your organization needs to support employee health and well-being.

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Proactive Care. Personalized Solutions.

Our Approach to Heart Health 

Defend the most vital asset of your business with comprehensive reports and heartfelt, personalized coaching. Our invigorating program marries accessibility with engagement for a fortified and resilient workforce.



Your program begins with comprehensive screening to assess the current state of your employees’ heart health. Our medical staff will perform a series of tests to evaluate risk factors for heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.



Personalized recommendations and lifestyle modifications are provided to help reduce these risks and improve long-term health, such as increasing physical activity and other habits for a heart-healthy lifestyle.



Workers are still empowered with easy access to care when coaching isn’t an option. With invigorating programs, our intuitive online platform allows workers to engage with coaches on the go without being tech-inclined.

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Energize Your Workforce with Healthy Hearts

Inspire worker well-being, strengthen morale, and power productivity.

Our Healthy Heart Program brings a life changing impact to employees’ lives. By prioritizing heart health, we help reduce stress levels, boost energy, and enhance overall physical and mental health. This, in turn, translates into a more productive and engaged workforce. Employees experience heightened focus, creativity, and job satisfaction, leading to a more vibrant and motivated team.

Beyond health, our program has tangible financial advantages for both employees and your organization. Early intervention and heart health management can significantly reduce healthcare costs, sparing employees from the burden of expensive medical bills.

Fostering a workplace culture that cares about employee well-being creates an environment where workers feel valued and supported – strengthening loyalty and morale.

Why Invest in Employee Heart Health?

Ignite workforce wellness and minimize medical costs with our heart health plans.

A healthier heart doesn’t just mean a longer life; it translates into increased energy, sharper focus, and heightened efficiency in the workplace. It’s a resounding victory, benefiting both your dedicated team members and the overall success of your organization.

Show your commitment to employee well being and express your appreciation by keeping a pulse on workforce health. Prioritizing heart health inspires a culture of health that places people at its core. This fosters loyalty, nurtures team morale, and empowers your workforce.

Not only will you empower your workforce, but your organization benefits from reduced healthcare costs, lower employee turnover, and decreased absenteeism. Early detection eliminates the burden of expensive medical bills in the future, ensuring a resilient and financially sound workforce.

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What’s Included in Our Healthy Heart Program?

Map the road to healthy living with the convenience of on-site testing and accessible coaching.

We deliver dynamic ultrasound and blood pressure screening designed to inspire workers to take charge of their cardiovascular health and lower their risk of heart disease and other related health conditions.

Workers gain insight with easy-to-read, comprehensive reports that are readily shareable with health providers.

Our 1:1 coaching, and user-friendly online programs further boost engagement, guiding healthy behaviors that lower elevated levels and maintain healthy ones.

Available in our Healthy Heart Program or as singular services

  • Carotid Artery test
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening
  • Lipid Panel, Glucose, Cholesterol Test


Real People. Real Change.

After years of struggling
to quit smoking on my
own, I finally found
success with Discovery
Health Services. I’m now
smoke-free for over a
year and feel healthier
than ever.


Quitting smoking with DHS
was a game-changer for
my work life. I used to take
frequent smoke breaks,
affecting my productivity
and focus. Thanks to their
support, I’ve been smoke free for over a year.


As a professional, I knew
smoking was holding me
back. DHS not only helped
me kick the habit but also
gave coping strategies for
stressful work situations.
I’m excelling like never


Shield the Heart of Your Business

Workers are your greatest asset—invest in them with us. Together, we’ll ignite the spark for a healthier future and an energized workforce that goes beyond your business goals.


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