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Discovery Health Services is your partners in all things wellness and health, from our offices to your workplace.

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We champion the health and vitality of your workforce, knowing that when employees feel valued and cared for, they become powerful drivers of productivity. From traditional on-site vaccinations and flu shots to groundbreaking wellness programs blending Western and Naturopathic medicine, we’re steadily committed to innovating health and ensuring wellness is within everyone’s reach.

Discovery Health Services is your dedicated partner, standing ready to assist employers, government agencies, schools, and the public in safeguarding and responding to health challenges.

The Discovery Health Services Is Prioritizing Employee Wellness With Innovative Health Programs

Healthy employees are the heart and soul of a thriving workplace.

20+ Years
of experience

Serving workers across all industries for a brighter, healthier, more promising tomorrow.

Our extensive experience highlights the demand for accessible adaptable, and customized healthcare solutions that can keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape.

Twenty years ago, DHS embarked on its journey as a local nurse staffing agency. Today, our commitment to excellence has propelled us to offer a comprehensive array of services that empower organizations to manage their human capital effectively.

Fueled by the loyalty of both our clients and dedicated employees, we’ve established a robust reputation for delivering exceptional service and value. Our dedication to innovation remains unwavering, and our esteemed standing within the industry reflects our relentless work ethic, strategic approach, and unwavering sense of purpose.

Years of Service. A Lifetime of Change.

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Our leadership and experience across healthcare and wellness industries is a testament to our unwavering dedication to driving positive change and enhancing lives. Trust us as your partner with first hand experience in transforming healthcare delivery, and together, we’ll shape a healthier future for all.

Seamlessly blend Western and Naturopathic medicine, with a holistic approach that empowers and educates your workforce. We provide a comprehensive range of tools, supplements, and products, including hormone balancing, naturopathic doctor consultations, IV therapy, and more.

Our licensed home care agencies in San Diego adhere to the industry’s most rigorous standards. We consist of CAHSAH-certified professionals, including caregivers, CNAs, LVNs, and RNs provide top-tier care services in-home, in care facilities, nursing homes, and dedicated post-surgical care.

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Choosing to grow your career with us, means you’re joining an employee-focused company that understands success is dependent on the success of individual team members. That’s why our benefits go beyond 401K matching and paid vacation – we offer better pay, opportunities to grow your skills, and a healthy balance for your career and lifestyle.

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