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IV Therapy

Powerful vitamin infusions, designed to deliver maximum benefit with minimal disruption.

What is Corporate
IV Therapy?

Enhance employee health through vitamin infusion.

Corporate IV Therapy, also known as Vitamin Therapy or IV Hydration Therapy, is a personalized wellness initiative that delivers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through intravenous infusion. This efficient method bypasses the digestive system, ensuring rapid and maximum absorption of nutrients.

Our tailored IV therapy solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of busy professionals, providing the boost they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape!

Discovery Health Services offers a range of IV Infusions and Wellness Injections that effortlessly increase energy levels and productivity in the workplace.

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An infusion of energy makes a healthy office.

Our Approach to Corporate IV Therapy 

At Discovery Health Services, we deliver compelling benefits through IV Therapy for employers seeking to create a thriving workforce and a competitive edge. Our Corporate IV Therapy programs stand out with our personalized approach, convenience, and the expertise of our medical professionals!



Our advanced food sensitivity tests
pinpoint the specific food triggers that
may be causing symptoms. Armed with
this knowledge, employees can make
informed choices to alleviate discomfort
and improve their overall well-being.



Our healthcare professionals create a
plan tailored to your employees’ unique
dietary needs. We help them navigate
food choices, plan balanced meals, and
find suitable alternatives for trigger foods
based on their blood tests.


Medical Team

Wellness is more than a single food
allergy test. We provide access to a
wealth of resources, including recipes,
articles, and meal plans, to help manage
food sensitivities. Your employees are
supported every step of the way.

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Wellness Benefits of IV Therapy in the Workplace

Maximum absorption & unrivaled delivery.

The profound health benefits of IV therapy can be felt both in and out of the workplace. Just a single hydration session offers a near-instantaneous energy boost and nourishment to support optimal health

Including mobile units of vitamin IV drips in your corporate wellness programs offers a convenient way for workers to reach their wellness goals and show up to work each day ready to perform.

  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Boosted immune function
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Stress reduction

Invest In Success, One Drip at a Time

Leveraging gut health for smooth, flowing business.

At Discovery Health Services, we recognize that employee well-being is the foundation of a successful business. Our Corporate IV Therapy program offers a strategic approach to elevating performance, productivity, and engagement.

By prioritizing the health and vitality of your workforce, you’re investing in a brighter future for your employees and your company.

  • Heightened Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Enhanced Employee Well-being
  • Convenient On-Site Sessions
  • Positive Company Culture
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IV Menu

Engagement is the key to empowering corporate wellness in any organization– no matter the size.

Our Vitamin IV Therapy drips are specially formulated with the highest quality amino acids, blends of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and more. Depending on the individual needs of your employees, we will create an IV menu tailored to their specific wellness goals for a difference they can truly feel.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a pop-up hydration service at your office location, our team of licensed professionals delivers world-class medical care for a relaxing experience that promotes stress relief.

Discover our range of nourishing hydration treatments

  • Rest & Recovery
  • Immunity Support
  • Brain Boost
  • Traveler’s Drip


Real People. Real Change.

After years of struggling
to quit smoking on my
own, I finally found
success with Discovery
Health Services. I’m now
smoke-free for over a
year and feel healthier
than ever.


Quitting smoking with DHS
was a game-changer for
my work life. I used to take
frequent smoke breaks,
affecting my productivity
and focus. Thanks to their
support, I’ve been smoke free for over a year.


As a professional, I knew
smoking was holding me
back. DHS not only helped
me kick the habit but also
gave coping strategies for
stressful work situations.
I’m excelling like never


Infuse Your Workplace with Wellness

IV therapy offers significant benefits for employees and employers alike. Our personalized IV solutions provide an ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help employees stay energized and productive throughout the day, reducing stress and burnout.

Join the wellness movement today and transform your corporate culture by booking IV Therapy today!


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