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Wellness & Employee Engagement are the Key to Human Capital Management.

Wellness options that your employees care about are essential to meaningful impact. Through our programs and technology, you will collect actionable data to address productivity, inform hiring decisions, and increase profits.

Only Discovery Health Services (DHS) offers a new approach to workplace wellness that helps both businesses – and their people – thrive.

Workplace Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs greatly increase employee productivity.

With 20+ years of workplace health care experience, DHS knows the importance of an inclusive and connected wellness program. Our mobile app encourages employee engagement by connecting to their personal interests and goals–providing wellness services that meet them where they’re at.

Research shows that when corporations offer wellness programs to their employees, they see a 40% increase in productivity. Whether online, or in-person, our tech-driven programs will deliver you this actionable data and more with turn-key simplicity. We unburden HR and deliver real, measurable results that will transform and enhance any company culture.

Public Health Crisis Solutions

DHS provides services for preventing and responding to a health crisis.

Are you an employer, school, or government agency that is responsible for maintaining public health and safety? Whether you’re responding to a crisis, or seeking preventative services, DHS is available to treat your people when and where it is needed.

Through our subsidiary, Hummingbird RX, we are capable of rapidly opening centers run by experienced medical professionals. Should you need services with even greater flexibility, we provide mobile resources as well.

  • PCR & Rapid Antigen Testing
  • Onsite & Virtual Options
  • Wedding & Event Testing
  • Rapid Response

Medical Talent Management

Our medical talent have the confidence and credentials to serve your clients and patients well from day one.

Seeking talented, high-credentialed RNs, LVNs, CNA’s and licensed & certified healthcare workers​? Our talent is vetted, tested and rested – ready to bring high quality service to hospitals, home care agencies, nursing homes, hospice and specialty pharmacy infusion therapy.

Additionally, DHS has a dedicated Clinical Trails and Research Division that has been an integral part of bringing new drugs and therapies to market for over a decade. We provide expert personnel and technicians for companies like GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, and Accellacare to help them achieve their trials and research goals.

  • On-Demand Talent
  • Clinical & Medical Research
  • Options to Hire Top Performers
  • Drug Trials

Smart Investment

DHS helps companies, organizations, government agencies and other groups become more profitable by improving employee performance and retention through tailored wellness programs that maximize employee physical, mental and emotional potential.

These programs provide data that measures the impact of treating symptoms before they become worse problems, preventing costly chronic conditions and positioning people to be more productive and accomplished – a benefit for employees and companies alike.

  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase employee harmony
  • Reduce grievance claims
  • Decrease turnover
  • Expand productivity
  • Lower work comp claims
  • Improve customer service
  • Mitigate absenteeism

DHS Empowers All of These People

Our Services Help Businesses & Employees Excel

For Nurse Schedulers

Led by experienced medical staffing experts, DMS understands the importance of having well-rested STNAS – on time, ready to work and meeting your compliance demands.

For HR Managers

Today’s workers want wellness – and these programs make them happier, more productive and increase company profits. Only DHS offers services that range from flu shots to stress therapies.

For Medical Providers

DHS understands the stresses and intense workloads faced by staff. We’re also fluent in the industry’s regulatory demands. That’s why DHS sends alert, dedicated and talented professionals.

For CFOs

Manage insurance costs and reduce costly turnover and grievance claims with wellness programs that are also popular with employees. DHS offers company leaders a real win-win.

For Government Agencies

DHS can provide services on a mass scale, making us the ideal partner to local and county officials of health departments who are seeking to provide public health solutions to their communities.

For Safety & Risk Managers

A focused, healthier and better rested employee is measurably less likely to have a workplace accident or injury. Our programs address every aspect of one’s wellbeing, from stress and anxiety to heart-health.

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DHS Brings Confidence

Since 2002, we have provided health services for start-up entrepreneurs, large corporations, defense-industry manufacturers and government agencies. We are bonded, highly insured and meet all compliance requirements from coast to coast.

Our leadership team includes MDs. This strengthens our decision making on the best products and services to offer. Our more than 1,000 clients trust DHS – just ask for testimonials and understand our commitment to quality.

1000+ Clients

20 Years of Service

50 States Served

“I have worked with Discovery Health Services for nearly two years and it has been a pleasure. They take pride in helping others and treat their employees with respect and dignity.”

Carol C.

Payroll Administrator, Trader Joe’s

Organizations That Trust DHS

The Impact of DHS

Supporting the wellness of your workforce makes an impact on both your business and your people.

Decrease in Absenteeism

When employees have healthy habits, including the ability to better control stress, you will see fewer sick days.


Rise in Productivity

Happier and healthier employees are more productive employees, which ultimately leads to higher revenues for you.


Decrease in Health Expenses

On average, companies save $3.27 in healthcare expenses for each dollar invested in wellness programs.


Lower Employee Turnover

Retaining your workforce saves your organization time and money–increasing both efficiency and profitability.