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Access to top-notch medical staffing is the driving force behind every successful venture.

Your Experienced Partner and Leader in Healthcare

We understand and know the importance of having the right talent at the right time.

Our wide network of talented, multidisciplinary nurses, specialty medical personnel, and allied staff, combined with our depth of resources and the ability to leverage economies of scale, enables us to create innovative opportunities and deliver collaborative solutions for our clients.

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Top medical talent for top companies.

Why Choose Discovery Health Services?

Fill Every Need

Support all medical staffing needs, whether in the office, at a facility, or on- site at a special event.

We work with hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, hospices, home health agencies, and more, all of whom depend on us for nurses, allied specialists, aides, and specialty technicians.

Available 24/7

Discovery Health Services is ready to support you with medical staffing both day and night.

With live 24-hour on-call service and the industry’s best scheduling software, Discovery Health Services is always ready to provide the talented staff you need and keep your organization running strong and compliant with nurse staffing ratios.

Competetive Advantage

Stay competitive through talented staff who are ready to perform with our deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

We understand the nuances and complexities of medical staffing for different disciplines and specialties, allowing us to quickly identify qualified personnel who have the right skillsets for any given project.

Extensive Network

Our wide network of talented, multidisciplinary nurses, specialty medical personnel, and allied staff allows us to cater to diverse healthcare organizations.

With the ability to leverage economies of scale, we can create innovative opportunities and deliver collaborative solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Maintain Excellence

Discovery Health Services is an expert at helping you maintain a full staff that is well-trained, vetted, and reliable.

Our on-demand team will meet your regulatory requirements and maintain your protocols so you can keep your healthcare company operating at full capacity continuing to provide the highest quality of care.

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Qualified Talent for Your Medical Staffing Needs

Strict hiring practices ensure well-trained, compliant personnel for your facility.

Our on-demand, talented employees are well-trained, vetted, reliable, and compliant with the standards and license requirements of your facility. They are not overscheduled, allowing them to arrive positive, energetic, and ready to work– delivering a world-class patient experience!

All Discovery Health Services nurses, caregivers, and allied professionals are personally interviewed and meet stringent onboarding and quality control requirements.

  • ANA-equivalent skills test
  • Medication proficiency test
  • Client-specific requisites
  • Background check
  • Drug testing
  • License certification
  • OSHA and HIPPA testing

Industry’s Best Staffing Software

The best tools in our hands keep our on-call team efficient and effective.

When your organization has a medical staffing need, you need the right talent at the right time. At Discovery Health Services, our on-call team is available 24 hours a day and has access to our live scheduling software so there is virtually no difference in calling for a need at 2 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Our software keeps us efficient and effective so you can get back to work and maintain your standard of excellence.

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Impactful Technology Solutions

Capture data and elevate participation with our user-friendly platform & mobile app

Our mobile app makes scheduling services effortless. We offer customizable incentive programs managed right in the app– increasing participation rates. Higher participation means more preventative care, fewer emerging or chronic conditions for your employees, and substantially lower medical costs for your business.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce by tracking actionable data within your company portal, know what’s working and see the return on your investment in real-time.

Take wellness digital and make health accessible for every worker

  • Prevent health issues & manage chronic disease
  • Seamlessly track data & supercharge participation
  • Gain real-time insights at your fingertips
  • Minimize medical spending

Rise to new

Elevate your team’s talent with
Discovery medical staffing services today!


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