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Discovery Health Services

Discovery Health Services offers innovative, technology-enabled talent management, human capital strategy and recruitment, traditional nurse and allied specialist staffing solutions, and employee wellness.

DHS clientele is diverse, representing nearly every sector of the healthcare marketplace. DHS specializes in recruiting, staffing, and managing clinical and research personnel on behalf of hospitals and healthcare facilities, clinical research and medical technology firms.

Discovery operates a fast-growing division solely focused on the deployment of personnel for clinical trials, proof of concept and beta testing for healthcare treatments, devices, and therapies in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

Across all sectors and divisions, DHS develops platforms and solutions to meet the needs of each client, offering custom-tailored services to meet the exacting requirements of each project with efficiencies and expertise that represent savings for our clients. A service model only a true boutique firm can offer.

We have a wealth of experience. Our company was founded in 2002 as a regional nurse staffing agency and grew to encompass our clinical trials and research and employee wellness divisions. Building upon our reputation for excellent service and trust we've built relationships with people and industries beyond our traditional facility clientele where we recognized a need for smart, adaptable and tailored services based on our expertise in managing and deploying well trained, reliable human capital and employee wellness services to meet the evolving needs and perspectives in healthcare.

The entirety of our success is predicated on earning the loyalty of our clients and employees. Everything we do has to provide real value and we constantly evaluate and adapt our practices to meet the needs of our clientele. We are well respected in our industry because we work hard, smart, and with great purpose. We invite you to hear what our employees say about us by clicking here.

Below are brief descriptions of the primary services we provide to Southern California and San Diego area healthcare companies and employers. If you need ready staff, a tailored human capital solution or professional, low-cost mobile wellness, and flu shot services DHS can help.

DHS Healthcare Personnel Division

Medical Staffing

We are a top tier agency in per diem staffing for Hospitals, Pharmacies and Healthcare Facilities, Hospice, Home Health, and Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy Nurse Staffing, and staffing for clinical trials and clinical research (travel, on-site and off-site)

We have decades of experience and expertise in providing innovative, technology-enabled talent management, human capital strategy, and traditional nurse and allied specialties staffing solutions.

We develop platforms and solutions to meet the particular needs of the client, offering custom-tailored services to meet the exact requisites of each project.

Recruitment and Placement

Staffing of specialty medical personnel for clinical research and trials, HR proxy, and development. If you have a need for personnel in the medical field and can't find those great candidates you were looking for, hand off the recruitment and onboarding to us and get what you wish for. We hire more than 1,000 people a year on behalf of our clients so we're great at it and know how to navigate the employment landscape to save time and money. We also do big ad buys so our cost to get the word out about your great job is much lower than if done in house. This allows us to offer you a price that will prove more cost-efficient than doing the recruitment in house.

DHS Onsite Flu and Employee Wellness Services

Employee Wellness and onsite corporate workforce flu and vaccination clinics

Since 2002 Discovery Health Services has provided multi-state wellness and vaccination services to corporations, government agencies, schools and universities, non-profits, and organizations looking to immunize their members or workforce during flu season. We provide onsite corporate flu clinic and workforce wellness services to a large portion of the biotech, law and manufacturing firms throughout San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles and more than 100 restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities and other businesses in Southern California.

DHS is also the primary provider of on-site flu shot and vaccinations such as Hepatitis A, Hep B, Tdap, Shingles, Pneumonia and other workforce vaccines for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Metro Transit Authority and The County Housing Authority, and worked hand in hand with governmental agencies when to contain outbreaks of Hepatitis, aberrant Flu strains such as H1N1 and Pertussis.

And, we are innovators. Our company is the only professional wellness firm in California to offer full scale naturopathic medical options to employers and groups for on-site events, including IV therapy and nutrient injections. We also have cutting edge therapies such as PRP Joint Injections and complex specialty lab testing.

Our company is licensed, bonded, and highly insured, meeting the highest standards in our industry.

DHS also owns and operates Home Care of La Jolla, Home Care of San Diego and KOI Wellbeing

Home Care of La Jolla

DHS operates state licensed home care agencies serving Southern California, Los Angeles to San Diego. Our home care agencies meet the highest standards in the industry and are professional managed by a dedicated staff and overseen by our physician Medical Director, Dr. Peter Park. We provide highly trained certified caregivers, CNAs, LVN's and Registered Nurses for in-home care, Personal Care in a facility or nursing home, and post surgical care, including complex procedures and plastic surgery.

Older Man & Nurse shaking hands with Old women sitting next to them

KOI Wellbeing

KOI Wellbeing integrative medical clinic provides efficient and effective health care services to look and feel your best. From nutrient therapy to alternatives to Botox to Naturopathic Doctor consultations, to Specialty Lab Testing we have an array of health tools and information at our fingertips. Easily accessible integrative healthcare and treatments without barriers typically associated with the decision to improve the way we look and feel.

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