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The past few years have been challenging for everyone but especially for medical professionals. With hospital and private-practice medical staff putting in long hours and dealing with an increasingly frustrated public, many facilities came close to their breaking point.

Now that the urgency of the pandemic has subsided, it’s time to re-evaluate your company’s needs and explore your options for hiring healthcare staffing now. Whether you’re looking to prevent “quiet quitting” with a stronger corporate wellness presence or you’re filling out your roster of onsite medical staff, Discovery Health Services is here to help. Our experience as medical staff coordinator for various organizations means we’ve got tips and insight to help you find qualified, vetted medical professionals to meet your needs.

Using Medical Staffing Services

Finding and vetting talented nurses, aides, technicians and other medical staff can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where our skills at medical talent management come into play. We do all the leg work for you, from attracting qualified medical professionals to administering skills and proficiency tests to running background checks and drug tests to verifying licensure. We use the most advanced software to efficiently and effectively provide medical staffing solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Types of Medical Staff Solutions

We offer a variety of ways to hire Discovery Health Services medical staff, depending on your needs. Let us take the work and worry out of the process when you need to hire medical professionals for shift work, temporary help or permanent employment.

Full Time & Floating Medical Professionals

If your hospital or healthcare facility is understaffed, you may need full-time nurses or specialists. If you’re experiencing a spike in healthcare needs that you expect to ebb, floating or temp workers may be more practical. Or perhaps you’re looking to hire an onsite nurse to make wellness services more accessible to your corporate employees. Whatever your business needs, we’ll work with you to find medical staffing solutions that suit your system and budget.

Onsite Corporate Clinics & Health Events

The past decade or so has seen a significant rise in onsite corporate healthcare clinics. That’s because companies that make vaccinations, screenings or other preventive services available and convenient for their employees see big returns on their investments. Discovery Health Services can walk you through tailoring an onsite clinic to your employee’s needs, the space in your facility and your budget. Whether it’s flu shots, COVID-19 boosters or smoking cessation, these events deliver higher productivity, fewer call-offs and a greater sense of trust among workers.

On-Call Medical Professionals

What’s the protocol at your facility for covering a shift when medical staff members call in sick? How much do your employees know about heart health or mindfulness activities? Coordinating on-call medical professionals to cover sick leave or teach inclusive onsite wellness programs can be daunting. Our services include flexible solutions for how to hire medical professionals on short notice or for short-term gigs. We can help you find qualified medical staff for a day, a few weeks or a year, even if you contact us at two in the morning.

Vetting Qualified Medical Professionals

Hiring high-quality employees is a challenge for just about every industry right now. But it’s especially difficult to find talented nurses, specialty aides and other in-demand medical staff, largely because of burnout from the pandemic and a higher priority on flexible employment. At Discovery Health Services, we’re proud to be a leading medical hiring agency for a wide range of allied health specialists, including dental hygienists, medical technologists, physical therapists and more. We do all the vetting for you, so you can rest assured that you’re getting fully licensed and experienced medical staff for your rehab clinic, skilled nursing facility, pharmacy or home health agency. Our quality control requirements are rigorous and thorough, making us your go-to source for medical staff coordinator services you can trust.

Hire Medical Staff to Prevent Burnout & Overwhelmed Facilities

The best way to keep your medical facility running smoothly is to hire medical professionals before you really need them. With a trusted medical hiring agency on your team, you’re ready to fill in gaps in your medical staff at a moment’s notice. This helps to prevent burnout among your existing staff, keep your facility from being overwhelmed by an urgent event and maintain your high standard of care. Having a lineup of on-call medical staff also shows your employees that you prioritize mental and physical wellness at work, which can encourage loyalty and longevity.

Reach out to Discovery Health Services to explore options for healthcare staffing now that will prevent avoidable consequences later.