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Have you ever wondered how supporting the health and fitness of your workforce can pay off within the workplace itself? Direct access to wellness initiatives like on-site health screenings or vaccinations may not have anything to do with the products or services a company provides, but it certainly influences the success of the team completing the work. 

Workplace wellness is a vital component to a growing, thriving business and it’s more connected to the bottom line than you may think. We’ll explain why workplace wellness is important and how the benefits of employee wellness programs serve both the employees and employers. 

Benefits for Employers 

Don’t just think of wellness initiatives as “nice-to-haves.” See how fitness, education and other resources in corporate wellness programming offer numbers that speak for themselves. 

Reduced Expenses

Those who invest in real workplace wellness see real ROI. It takes more than a healthy lunch-and-learn event or walking challenge to move the needle, but on average, companies save $3.27 in healthcare expenses for each dollar invested in wellness programs. In fact, organizations can actually manage insurance costs, retain more talent thus reducing costly turnover, and see fewer workman’s compensation and disability claims. 

Increased Productivity

Research shows that when corporations offer wellness programs to their employees, they see a 21% increase in productivity. Businesses also report more ascension per capita, fewer sick days, a decrease in complaints and a happier, harder-working team. Simply put: wellness programs translate into higher revenue.

Actionable Data & Insights

If launching new wellness programs isn’t exciting enough, wait until you see how much there is to learn from program data. The DHS Wellness 360 Platform makes biometric measurement collection and program evaluation a breeze. This affordable app can show how our programs impact each employee when compared to their baseline measurements. 

Ultimately, it shows how their wellness program engagement affects their attendance and productivity, and whether the program reduced turnover and workplace injuries, claims and the like. We unburden HR and deliver real, measurable results that will transform and enhance any company culture. The platform is a single truth for all things wellness and drives a high-performance workplace. 

Benefits for Employees

Employees who take advantage of workplace wellness programs enjoy benefits both in and outside the office. They can learn something new and grow to appreciate the organization for providing these opportunities.

Greater Health, Energy and Focus

Wellness programs produce more focused, healthier and better rested employees by addressing every aspect of one’s well-being, from stress and anxiety to heart health. With new, healthy habits, employees can potentially avoid chronic disease and feel more energized each day. Mental health programming can reduce stress and anxiety to combat burnout and avoid turnover. Each of these benefits help at work, but they certainly make a big difference in employees’ personal lives, too. 

Saves Time

When employees participate in workplace wellness programs, they take fewer sick days and spend less time at the doctor. Instead of having to seek out vaccine sites or service providers outside the office, onsite clinics help them save valuable time that they’d otherwise have to spend after hours, away from friends and family. Over time, as employees recognize these benefits, they’ll associate them with a positive workplace culture that prioritizes wellness.

Builds Confidence and Community

We all know that feeling when we reach a goal – pure satisfaction. Employees who participate in workplace wellness initiatives enjoy a confidence boost each time they work hard and achieve a new program goal. Plus, they can engage with and support others working toward similar goals. These new and/or growing relationships can serve employees both personally and professionally. Another win-win.

Discovery Health Services Wellness Clinic

Bring out the best in your team with a tailored Corporate Wellness program from DHS. We can help you improve productivity and increase profitability with several on-site services for your entire organization – whether they’re in one building, across several locations or working remotely. Schedule your services today.