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Create a Personalized Wellness Program for Your Company

Ask five co-workers what wellness means to them and you may get five different answers. After more than 20 years in the workplace wellness industry, Discovery Health Services (DHS) knows the key to a connected yet personalized wellness program. When built correctly (and tailored to your unique organizational needs), workplace wellness programs will help your business grow and thrive – serving both employees and the employer. Read on to learn more about how a personalized wellness initiative can benefit your company. 

Workplace Wellness

Whether your team has thought a lot or a little about what a workplace wellness program could look like, the important part is you’ve started the conversation. Let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly workplace wellness is and what kinds of benefits the programming can provide. 

What is Workplace Wellness?

Mental. Emotional. Physical. Financial. Social. Wellness means different things to different people. It’s also going to look different for each organization. 

In general, workplace wellness is about providing educational and engaging activities for employees to improve their health and for businesses to improve their bottom line. Wellness programs also: 

  • Align with company culture
  • Support individuals through personalized initiatives
  • Drive results for both employees and the business
  • Capture measurable data
  • Deliver a return on investment through productivity and general well-being

Benefits of Wellness Programs

At first glance, some may think wellness programs only benefit those who take the time to participate. Actually, wellness programs produce a plethora of benefits for the organization, too.  

Health Benefits

Educational sessions, resources, group challenges and other initiatives that take place in the office can address several aspects of well-being from vaccinations to heart health, diet and more, all the while saving employees time away from their family. The benefits of wellness programs add up to healthier, better rested employees by: 

  • Increasing energy and focus
  • Screening for and/or preventing chronic disease
  • Reducing stress
  • Building confidence and community

Employee ROI

Healthy habits lead to fewer sick days. In fact, our clients reported a 37% decrease in absenteeism after they began programming. They also saw productivity rise an average of 21% because their employees are happier and healthier. These results naturally lead to a decrease in healthcare expenses. For every dollar invested in wellness programs, organizations save an average of $3.27 in health costs. But that’s not all. Your healthier workforce that now saves time and money will also feel more valued and appreciated when it sees the organization investing in its personal health. It means 65% lower employee turnover compared to businesses that ignore wellness. 

Working with DHS

DHS can increase employee engagement in your wellness program with inclusive services and a comprehensive technology solution that gives you real results. 

Employee Wellness Services

DHS provides workplace wellness services with a mix of traditional and specialized testing and vaccinations, as well as naturopathic medicine for those interested. No matter what you choose to deploy, our mobile app makes it easy for employees to participate. They can schedule services and track their personal results while you track actionable data within the company portal to see what’s working and where the biggest ROI is at.

Program Personalization 

A one-size-fits-all program is a waste of your time and money. Our workplace wellness programs lead to healthier employees and are delivered with thoughtfulness and purpose. Unlike our competitors, we are focused on delivering health impact to everyone through deep personalization, measurable data-driven approaches that ultimately drive whole person results.

Turn to DHS for Workplace Wellness (That Actually Works!)

If you’re ready for a uniquely designed wellness program that’s seamlessly woven into the fabric of your company’s culture and captures high participation rates, look no further than DHS. Talk to our team today by emailing us at or calling 858.459.0785.