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Do Big Events Still Require COVID Tests? 

The California guidelines for mega events ended April 1, which means venues are no longer required to test attendees for COVID-19 prior to entry. The CDC mask mandate for public transportation was also struck down in April by a federal judge, which prompted major airlines to drop their mask policies as well. Does that mean it’s safe to go without tests and masks in large crowds? 

Despite the changing guidelines, events of all sizes and spaces where many people are within close contact to one another (like a theater, concert venue or an airplane) are still ideal settings for the virus to spread. It’s why the CDC believes that requiring masks in all indoor transportation settings remains necessary for public health and why Discovery Health Services (DHS) still recommends on-site COVID testing for events. 

See how large-group testing from DHS can help reduce COVID transmission at your upcoming event.


Is your business or industry holding a major conference in 2022? If you have people flying in from around the country, networking face-to-face with tens or hundreds of people for several days, it’s wise to consider on-site testing prior to entry. 

Events like these can attract thousands of exhibitors, guests and venue employees: 

  • AAPD 2022 Annual Session: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, May 26-29 at the San Diego Convention Center
  • APTA 2022 Rail Conference: American Public Transportation Association, June 5-8 at Hilton San Diego Bayfront
  • LightFair: Architectural & Commercial LIghting Conference and Tradeshow, June 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Keep everyone safe with proctored COVID tests before anyone enters the exhibition hall. DHS has been coordinating testing events of all sizes throughout the pandemic, and we can even serve multiple locations around your venue. 

Events Center

Plan to attend a fan expo, concert or other entertainment event this summer? Much like business conferences, large event centers, theaters and performance venues are returning to pre-COVID sized gatherings. 

VidCon, for example, brings together the world’s leading digital creators, platform innovators and their fans all in one place to engage and build their personal brands online. This year, it’s happening June 22-25 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Organizers of the event say they’ve “put considerable thought and resources into making sure that VidCon ’22 is a safe experience.” 

Attendees must provide proof of full vaccination, or a negative COVID test – either a PCR taken within 48 hours of the event, or a rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours of the event. DHS applauds these measures as they will help keep VidCon’s meet and greets, large group dance tutorials and other stage presentations safe for all involved.

Company Outings

The indoor events aren’t the only places to look out for. Big events are happening outside, too, like company picnics, retreats and the like. While it helps to be outdoors where fresh air is constantly moving, large groups of people waiting in lines, or touching the same food serving utensils can lead to the spread of COVID. That is, if COVID gets into the event in the first place. 

Once again, this is where on-site covid testing for events makes sense. Finding COVID and stopping it from entering a picnic or other party protects everyone and keeps the festivities, well, festive! Testing also helps mitigate outbreaks to keep large groups of employees healthy enough to return to work after the event. Even in situations where employees are working from home, an in-person event is all it takes to infect a group of people and possibly prevent them from clocking in once they’re sick. 

DHS has worked hand-in-hand with governmental agencies to contain outbreaks of hepatitis and abnormal flu strains such as H1N1 and pertussis, and served organizations of all sizes for 20+ years. For larger groups, we provide an Event Coordinator with your testing service to ensure wait times are minimal and testing is well organized. It means we’ll help make your event both successful and safe.

COVID Testing for Big Events 

Don’t let COVID take over your big event – stop it before it gets in with group COVID testing from Discovery Health Services. We offer both PCR Testing and Rapid Antigen Testing for your next meeting, wedding, concert or gathering, for thousands of people or just 20. Talk to our team today to tailor a testing service to your exact needs.