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Wellness Programs Tailored to Your Workplace

When employees are engaged with wellness programming, all parties and aspects of your business will reap the rewards. Maximizing employee engagement is the key to a successful wellness program. But not every company is the same – that’s why Discovery Health Services has created services that your workplace can tailor to its own unique wellness needs!

Company Wellness Solutions from DHS

Empower your employees by offering more wellness options – you’ll see higher rates of participation and greater benefits for your organization as a whole. DHS brings over 20 years’ experience to companies interested in increasing employee engagement in workplace wellness programs. Learn more about our inclusive and convenient services that focus on prevention and comprehensive employee wellness.

Mobile Flu Shot & Vaccine Clinics

Looking for an on-site flu shot provider? Our licensed professionals can bring wellness right to your workplace – delivering convenient and efficient on-site employee vaccine clinics for COVID-19, flu, vitamin B-12 and more. Vaccines are administered by highly trained and experienced nurses.

On-site COVID-19 Testing

Protect your workplace and maintain your compliance with CDC guidelines that apply to your company by choosing a trusted COVID-19 testing solution. We offer on-site COVID-19 testing administered by our team of experienced nurses. Receive results quickly and easily through our web portal or app!

Employee Health Screening

Early detection of possible health conditions through health screening is a vital part of employee wellness. We provide on-site wellness services for employee health screenings, like biometric testing which measures certain health indicators to alert employees of diabetes, high blood pressure and other potential health conditions.

Third Wave Wellness

Our Third Wave Wellness program, KOI Wellbeing, is grounded in science and based in nature. Offer your employees alternative wellness services such as mindfulness, alternative therapies, insomnia therapies and more.

On-Site Corporate Wellness Services Near You

We come to you! Discovery Health Services will coordinate your company’s on-site vaccination clinic or wellness service from beginning to end, with our highly trained and experienced nurses and staff ensuring a safe, efficient and hassle-free experience for you and your employees!

DHS provides all necessary equipment, manages insurance certificates and relevant licensing, and is capable of coordinating large-scale events across multiple offices and locations. We provide you with virtual consent forms, educational materials, FAQs and customizable e-blasts.

We serve the greater San Diego and Los Angeles regions with convenient on-site workplace wellness services.

Technology-Driven Services

Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce and see your investment in real time!

Our company portal and mobile app provides you with a user-friendly interface that makes it easier than ever for employees to participate in wellness programs, and for employers to track actionable data and insights.

Your employees can schedule and manage their wellness services right within the app – increasing the rate of participation. Higher participation means more preventative care and fewer emerging or chronic conditions for your employees, as well as lower costs for your business.

The Benefits of a Thriving Wellness Program

Actionable Data & Insights

When you have access to aggregate data regarding the health and wellbeing of your workforce, you gain the opportunity to bring out the best in your team – putting you at an advantage when it comes to Human Capital Management. With data you’ll know which wellness programs are most successful in lowering the stress of your employees, while also predicting and managing turnover.

Increased Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive employees – making workplace wellness a vital component to growing, thriving business. In fact, businesses report a 40-percent increase in productivity after implementing employee wellness programs. They see more ascension per capita, fewer sick days, a decrease in complaints and a happier, harder-working team.

Reduced Expenses

Workplace wellness is a smart investment with a proven return. When the wellbeing of your workforce is a priority, you’ll hire more quickly, retain more talent and reduce associated expenses. Your insurance costs will go down – while remaining compliant – and you’ll see fewer unemployment, workman’s compensation and disability claims.

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