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Employees often feel rushed from place to place. From commuting to work to family obligations,we all lead busy lives. Making it to the doctor for regular wellness checks is another task on a long to-do list.

What does this have to do with your company? The wellness of employees directly affects productivity, turnover, and absenteeism. And, the longer employees wait to address health issues, the larger their medical bills may grow.

Concern for your team’s wellbeing extends beyond the personal. So, how can you ensure your workforce has access to the medical care they need?

Hiring an on-site nurse is a simple, long-term solution for boosting employee health.

Below are five benefits to hiring an on-site nurse.

1. Easy Access to Health Screenings

Access to an on-site nurse means access to a wide range of general health screenings. Employees can receive viral infection screening, hearing and vision tests, bloodwork, and more, all without having to take more than an hour off work.

Longer term, access to these kinds of health screenings mean developing health issues can be addressed early on. This keeps your employees healthy and happy while cutting back on the number of missed work days.

2. Triaged Solutions for Bigger Issues

An on-site nurse will also make it easier to access higher levels of care when needed. This will benefit your employees by decreasing the stress around managing their medical needs. As for long-term company benefit, a healthy, low-stress workforce means more productive employees and lower turnover.

3. Increased Productivity

When an employee leaves work for a medical appointment, it can lead to a loss of about four hours of productivity. Compare this to the fifteen minutes it takes to visit an on-site nurse, and you can see how the productivity savings would add up quickly. Hiring an on-site nurse earns hours of productivity back for your company.

4. Employee Satisfaction

When your company hires an on-site nurse, employees feel valued and cared for. As a result, they are more motivated to do well at work. This is beneficial to existing employees, while also serving as an appealing selling point for attracting new employees.
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5. Decreased Costs

Hiring an on-site nurse can decrease healthcare costs through a number of avenues:

  1. Preventative care lowers costs by preventing healthcare conditions from developing.
  2. Chronic conditions can be managed more efficiently through an on-site nurse.
  3. Diagnostic screening leads to early detection.
  4. On-site nurses make wellness programs more effective, leading to lower medical costs long-term.
  5. Decreased unscheduled absences lead to savings long-term.

These factors and more add up to a high return-on-investment.

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