The fast, FLEXIBLE affordable way to meet COVID compliance in the workplace.

Test your vaccinated and unvaccinated workers each week - without disrupting productivity! 
Let your employees choose where to test whether that be from their:

  • Phone from anywhere
  • Car
  • Homes
  • Workplace
  • Choose any day of the week

Are you ready for this?

An upcoming OSHA rule will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require unvaccinated workers to produce a negative test result weekly to be eligible to work.

Considering OTC or Proctor testing? Here's what you should know.

Get your employee COVID testing done with results in just 5 minutes.

Keep Weekly Employee COVID Testing Under Control

Flexible: Employees can be tested from home, their car, at the office or in a room with coworkers.

Results Confirmed in Real Time by Proctors on Remote Video

Be compliant – keep employees productive – manage schedules – reduce costs.

Fast, Simple Employee COVID Testing Onsite with Remote Proctors

Discovery Health COVID test kits come with everything you need to conduct your weekly tests for all employees with a remote proctor to confirm the test results. 

Enjoy flexibility:

  • Proctors verify results remotely
  • Employees can choose testing at home, car or at-work testing 
  • Employees can choose which day of the week to be tested

Plus–DHS Offers More Choices to Meet Compliance.

All DHS programs are created and managed by proven expertise and the DHS quality difference that comes with 20+ years of experience in wellness. DHS has the testing options you need to keep your team healthy, safe and compliant.


Costly on-site proctor costs

Employees leaving work to get tested

Over-the-Counter COVID Testing – Why NOW is NOT the Time

While many employers are considering allowing team members to self-administer their own Over-the-Counter (OTC) tests, this method has many problems. OTC tests invite risk - they are costly, unreliable, and the results are not lab validated. And supply chain issues mean that it is very difficult to secure a steady supply, especially with increasing demand. So where does that leave you?

Choose DHS for guaranteed testing supplies and fast valid results.

  • Reduce downtime
  • Manage productivity
  • Keep workers healthy & happy
  • Meet compliance in less time!

How This Testing Works

So Flexible - So Many Options

  • Individual or group testing options available
  • Multiple tests – in cars, in rooms with others, at home – can all happen on ONE call
  • Simple app easily manages test results – plus store vaccine records

1. Our proctors conduct testing all day – every half hour.

2. Employees schedule their own test time on calendar.

3. Self-administered test are recorded via a phone or computer.

4. Proctor posts official results in company portal.

5. Meet compliance and stay productive.

6. Maintain a healthy workplace!

Information at Your Fingertips

Easily access lab-validated employee test results from your mobile device with our employer dashboard.
Easily access lab-validated employee test results from your mobile device with our employer dashboard. Our employer report will quickly show you who in your business still needs tested and who has tested positive within your facility.

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