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July, 29, 2021 Latest Advice on Events and Workspace Testing and Vaccination Policy

Between our DHS Workforce Wellness Division, KOI Wellbeing Clinics and Hummingbird Clinics our company tests more than 40,000 people every week across the US.

We do not rely on external statistics or data, only using our own, unfiltered numbers to measure the virulence and real impact of this latest wave of illness and infection.

At present, the percentage of positive cases among those tested by our healthcare workers is the highest recorded at any time since the onset of SARS CoV2- topping the ten percent mark among our generally healthy clientele.

We do most of our testing in the workplace where the population is certainly young and healthy enough to be actively employed. Our second largest population is a cross section of the able bodied public. The elderly and those confined due to chronic illness make up less than two percent of those we test.

The takeaway? This wave is more “pandemic-like” than the first and that necessitates the implementation of smart policies that balance safety with the return of our previously assumed freedoms of mobility and social engagement.

The NUMBER ONE QUESTION ASKED OF US is, “do I need to test everyone or only the unvaccinated”.

Yes, you do. Based on our data, the vaccinated are being infected at a rate that makes this a simple decision. If this is a life-threatening virus there is no rational for not testing everyone, vaccinated or not.

There is no doubt that the vaccinated are being infected if even in far lesser numbers. Therefor we need to approach this as you would if there were sharks in the water. The reason is two-fold for employers and venues alike.

One, knowing everyone in the building/s has been tested is the only way to have the best possible assurance that risk has been mitigated to the extent possible. Two, employees and/or event attendees have greater peace of mind knowing that those among them have been tested and are safe to be around.

The result is that employees can focus on their job without background anxiety, leading to a more productive (and profitable) workday.

Event attendees feel safe, your venue is looked at favorably for integrating safety measures that exhibit concern for their wellbeing, and they can enjoy the show.

Testing is an opportunity to create positive sentiment towards your business and using a company like ours, that has your employee and client/customer experience in mind provides a real opportunity for your business to achieve real ROI on the investment in safety. Stay updated and learn more from Discovery Health Services.