Discovery Health Services Makes Employee Wellness Programs Easy and Accessible

Since 2002 clients in every sector, including businesses and government agencies have entrusted us to provide on-site employee wellness programs and vaccine clinics to immunize their employees against everything from COVID-19 and the flu to Hepatitis and Tuberculosis, and improve the health and wellbeing of their people. Now, after a year of uncertainty and unprecedented levels of anxiety and disruption it’s more important than ever to provide health and wellness services that meet the needs of this unique moment.
A smart wellness program delivers real ROI (in terms of healthcare expenditures) and is goal oriented like any good investment. Companies that engage in what we call Third Wave Wellness- a program inclusive of programs like Mindfulness, Alternative Therapies, Insomnia Therapies and the like- are capturing far more. Using a metric called VOI- Value of Investment- a company that engages us to provide more than biometric screening and traditional wellness offerings will realize:


  • Improved employee sentiment towards the company
  • Greater cooperation and harmony among employees
  • Fewer grievance claims
  • Reduced turnover- reduced cost of hiring
  • Greater per capita productivity
  • Fewer work comp claims
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased profitability and company performance
With a tight labor market and unprecedented hiring costs there has been no better time to invest in a safe, productive work environment and engage us to improve the overall health of your workforce and the emotional and mental wellbeing of those that a company's success is dependent upon.

Keep Employees Healthy With DHS

Do you have a wellness program for your employees? DHS can offer you a robust wellness program, vaccination programs, and more. Let us know how we can help below!

We currently provide the following on-site vaccine clinic and employee wellness options:

Heart Health Program
Weight Loss Programs
Diagnostic Health Screenings
Biometric Screening
Nurse Consultation
Medical Doctor Consultation
Naturopathic Doctor Consultation

COVID-19 vaccination
Seasonal flu vaccination
B-12 and B-Complex injections (for employees who prefer not to get a flu shot)
Hepatitis-A and B vaccinations
T-Dap vaccination
Pneumonia Vaccination

Mindfulness Classes
Naturopathic Doctor Lectures
Yoga, meditation and massage
Functional Lab Testing
Sleep training and therapies
Food sensitivity Testing
Drug and Alcohol Screening

The Best Part?

From clinic coordination assistance to full-circle organizing, we’ll handle everything. Whether you have thousands of participants like our largest clients or 15 like our smallest, our focus will be on making your event a success.

We are proud to serve all of the contiguous United States, Canada and Mexico and have expert employees and multilingual staff across the country.

When you partner with DHS you can expect:

Education & Information

We know you’re busy, and our team is here to make your employee temperature screenings, event or vaccine clinic as simple and successful as possible. That’s why we send e-copies of consent forms and educational materials, FAQs to share, customizable eblasts for your employees and any insurance certificates or licensing needed for your event prior to the event date.

Coordination & Support

From your first call to the final shot, our team will help make your employee wellness event, flu, B-12, or COVID-19 vaccination clinic safe, efficient and worry-free. We provide everything you need and even handle full-scale coordination for clients with multiple offices and locations to ensure your event is a success.

Cost Savings

The nurses and staff who run your event are DHS employees – never outsourced or “rented” from a staffing agency with extra fees. You get highly trained and experienced nurses who deliver a safe, efficient service without driving up the cost.


Our wellness services vaccine clinics result in fewer employee sick days, increased productivity and improved employee retention. Happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company – a fact backed by years of research.

What’s Next

Impact is important. We like to help our clients host a successful, well attended, and positive event. To do this, we like to start with a short introductory call to better understand your needs and present you with different options that fit within your budget. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

The more shots or tests, the better the pricing. 

Our rates are based on the number of services provided or vaccinations administered at each location. If you tell us there will be fifty people receiving services or getting vaccines, we staff your clinic and the supplies in accordance with this number. In addition, we will send an agreement prior to the event date specifying that you will be billed for a minimum of 40 participants. Otherwise, you pay for however many shots or tests are administered above that minimum of forty.

We understand that sometimes things happen. So, let’s say you drastically overestimate the number of people you expect to participate. We will credit the unused shots to your account and employees can come to one of our office locations until Jan 1 of the following year to receive their vaccination.

We pride ourselves on being efficient and effective. 

We’ve been doing this for a long time which has allowed us to get granular when it comes to estimating event length and staffing needs. 

For example, we know one nurse can vaccinate about 25 participants/hour and one nurse can administer biometric tests to about 7 people/hour. We use these metrics to determine our staff for each event. 

Our immunization clinics/events are generally scheduled for two or four-hour time blocks depending on the number of participants while our wellness clinics can be an all-day affair for groups of more than 200 and often spread over two days. But we understand that clients sometimes require a faster clinic. If this is you, you can request a higher ratio of nurses for your event at a rate of $50/hour, per nurse. 

Ready to get started?

Click here to talk to a specialist about scheduling an on-site vaccine clinic for your employees. 

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