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Corporate wellness solutions like on-site health screenings, vaccinations, and other services make it extremely easy for employees to access health care services and for employers to improve engagement and retention. These services could even uncover long-term health issues that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Low-cost corporate wellness clinics also can reduce insurance premiums and employee sick days, among other benefits. 

Employers of all sizes and industries have realized the value of bringing Discovery Health Services (DHS) corporate wellness programs directly to their workplace. See how your organization can benefit as well.

On-site Flu Shots & Other Vaccinations

On-site vaccine clinics from DHS immunize employees against everything from COVID-19 and the flu to hepatitis and tuberculosis. We even offer B-12 and B-Complex injections for employees who prefer not to get a flu shot. These vaccinations not only improve the health and wellbeing of any workforce, they also save loads of lost work time. When employees leave the office for a medical appointment (like a vaccination), they only get to see their practitioner for a small fraction of the time. Bringing that service to the office, however, eliminates excess travel and waiting time for multiple employees. 

Plus, ordering a high quantity of shots for the entire team from our single supply brings cost benefits over paying for one-off vaccinations through several providers. If you’re worried about the logistics for an event of this scale, know that our single-source approach is both price-conscious and efficient. Our staff provides clinic coordination assistance and even handles full-scale coordination for clients with multiple offices and locations.

Drug & Alcohol Screenings

Third-party drug and alcohol screenings are important in both the hiring process and in day-to-day employment. Screenings help prevent employers from hiring people who are using illegal substances. They also equip businesses in referring employees to get additional help when they need it. 

In some industries, regular screening is mandated by state and/or federal agencies. But there are plenty of benefits to performing these screenings beyond basic compliance. Drug and alcohol abuse can negatively affect the user’s – and potentially other employees’ – productivity levels, as well as create an unsafe work environment. Screening helps deter some of this behavior, while keeping the volume of substance-abuse-related health care claims low.  

On-site testing at work preserves the element of surprise, leaving no excuse for employees to miss a test (other than their guilt). Urinalysis is the most common drug-testing method in which the candidate/employee provides a sample to be analyzed. 

Biometric Measurements

Some employers require annual screenings for biometric measurements as part of their health benefits plan. This physiological data like height and weight, blood pressure, blood and glucose levels, Body Mass Index/BMI and more can all be gathered at on-site clinics right in your workplace.  

When employers invest in onsite biometric measurement screenings, they can potentially facilitate earlier intervention of chronic and even severe health concerns (i.e. Type 2 diabetes, etc.). DHS nurses can screen about seven people each hour, but if your organization needs a faster clinic, you can request a higher ratio of nurses for the event at the reasonable rate of $50/hour, per nurse.

Benefits of a Great Wellness Program

The combination of these services into an overarching corporate wellness program creates many benefits for both the organization and its workforce: 

  • Improved employee sentiment toward the company
  • Greater cooperation and harmony among employees
  • Fewer sick days/time spent at the doctor
  • Reduced turnover and lower hiring costs
  • Greater productivity levels
  • Fewer worker’s compensation claims
  • Increased profitability and company performance

Discovery Health Services

The combination of a competitive labor market and rising hiring costs means there’s no better time to invest in a healthy workforce. Discovery Health Services (DHS) is the expert you need for on-site wellness clinics for every size business, and a wide variety of services that are tailored to your organization’s needs.

Contact our team today to get started planning your on-site event.