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Explore Ways to Make Your Wellness Program More Inclusive

Launching a corporate wellness program is no easy feat. Ensuring that said program is inclusive of everyone is even tougher. But it’s an important challenge that pays off organizationally and personally. Many work teams are composed of individuals of varying ages who work in person and remotely, and who bring unique health challenges, exercise experience or comfort levels. Regardless, they all deserve a wellness program that’s inclusive. Explore our suggestions for how to make your corporate wellness program more inclusive.   

Importance of Inclusive Wellness

An inclusive approach to health and well-being makes wellness initiatives accessible for everyone, creating an energized, sharper and more productive workforce. With our programs, businesses see increased revenue growth, profitability and improved operations. And in today’s ultra-competitive hiring market, employers need every benefit they have up their sleeve to attract and retain top, diverse talent. 

Ways to Incorporate Inclusivity

How do your programs and wellness challenges stack up? See what suggestions you can use to incorporate inclusivity today.

Programs Specific to Your Employees

What type of employees comprise your workforce? It’s important to first assess their needs to determine what types of wellness programs would be the best fit for your organization. One of your departments could be made up of mostly Millennials, while another could be predominately Gen-X. You may consider programs that are tech-based for the younger set. Or arrange programs that are appealing to older employees, like focusing on heart health, hormone function and gut health. 

Appeal to All Fitness Levels

Focusing on weight loss alone is a great way to alienate people. Instead of asking “how many pounds can you drop?” ask “how many glasses of water can you drink in a day?” and other questions that invite a broader group of fitness levels to participate. Everyone needs water, regardless of how much they weigh or exercise. Try other metrics like sleep and mindfulness activities, too. It’s a simple shift, but an important one at that.  

Offer Wellness Classes in the Office

Survey the team about what kinds of wellness classes they’d attend, then bring the top class(es) to them! This approach puts employees in the driver’s seat and makes them feel heard. It’s also highly convenient for employees to attend when the work day ends, or over a lunch break. Consider recording the class for those who can’t attend (or work remotely) can still feel included.  

Get Help Building Your Corporate Wellness Program

Ready to make your program more inclusive? Or maybe you’ve got more questions about specific ways to meet your employee wellness needs. Discovery Health Services can help! Talk to our team now about how to Increase employee engagement in your wellness program with inclusive services.