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When most people think about benefits that come with a new job, they usually think about health insurance, vacation time, dental and/or vision coverage, retirement contributions and profit sharing, just to name a few. These perks go beyond regular pay and show that an employer cares about its employees now and in the future. 

While these are important for any prospective employee to consider, they won’t want to underestimate the power of benefits that come from onsite employee health clinics. In-office clinics and wellness programming equip employees to be their best physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether it’s a corporate walking challenge that boosts their energy, a diagnostic screening event that increases access to health professionals, or a vaccine clinic that saves time after hours, these “intangible” benefits can tip the scale in any job offer. 

Read on to learn more about how onsite health services can supplement a standard benefits package to make it far more saleable to prospective new hires.

Importance of Health Benefits in the Workplace

A job offer is defined by so much more than its salary. Health benefits, in particular, can play an important role in elevating one job offer from another. Prospective employees who absolutely need health insurance, and even a specific care plan, may seek work at organizations where they know their needs will be met. It might make more sense, for example, to accept a position where their existing providers are in-network rather than having to take on out-of-pocket treatment costs or find all new providers. 

But beyond insurance coverage, a benefits package is a clear way to find out if employers do in fact value healthcare. They may claim they do in an interview by name-dropping their comprehensive insurance plan, but how do they treat employees when the time comes for a sick day? Do they make healthcare services more convenient by bringing medical professionals to the office? Are they engaging their workforce with regular wellness challenges and resources? A benefits package that includes wellness programming and on-site employee clinics shows that an employer absolutely prioritizes healthcare and adds value to any job offer. 

Health Clinic Benefits

On-site health solutions like biometric screenings, vaccine clinics, weight loss programs and more deliver benefits employees might not consider at first glance, but certainly play an important role in everyday health.

Develop Healthy Habits

A new wellness program that encourages healthy habits in the workplace brings benefits both personally and professionally. Something as simple as an office challenge to drink eight or more glasses of water each day could prompt engagement and encouraging conversations around the office. The challenge may even help people eliminate sugary sodas from their diet by replacing one of those drinks with H2O. Chances are they drink more water at home, too, which could influence members of their own family to do the same. 

Water keeps us hydrated, normalizes blood pressure, regulates body temperature, protects organs and tissues, and helps with digestion. In other words, it makes people feel good so they can perform their best at work and make the most of their personal time.  

Reduce Chronic Disease

According to the CDC, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Regular biometric screening events  are a reliable and convenient way to track key indicators of chronic disease (physiological data like height and weight, blood pressure, blood and glucose levels, Body Mass Index/BMI, etc.). These events can be held in a corporate office, conference room, manufacturing facility and elsewhere to help employees of all industries reduce and/or prevent disease. 

The earlier we detect disease, the better chance we have for successful treatment. Not to mention the fact that both employees and employers will almost always spend less in medical costs preventing disease rather than recovering from it. 

The Discovery Health mobile app makes it easy for employees to schedule services and offers customizable incentive programs that can be managed right within the app. 

Reduce Stress

Wellness programs motivate employees to eat healthier and build more exercise into their lives, but they aren’t geared solely toward physical health. These programs actually exist to improve an employee’s overall wellbeing, including mental health. Group exercise, team challenges and informational training sessions have been shown to help individuals manage stress and symptoms of depression.   

If left unaddressed, stress in the workplace can lead to absenteeism and employee retention problems. Employers will avoid these issues by investing in wellness initiatives that help employees recognize and reduce stress. These efforts can improve a team’s performance and employee satisfaction, but they also give the employee a more positive mindset when they leave the office. 

The DHS Wellness 360 Platform delivers more personalized wellness, helping employees track their wellness journey and offering resources to support ongoing mental health. The app meets the needs of both on-site and remote workers, making corporate wellness programs more accessible than ever. 

Discovery Health Services

When sending a job offer, don’t forget to emphasize the benefits your organization delivers in the office. Wellness programs and on-site employee health clinics provide so many additional benefits – physically and mentally – beyond the insurance and retirement package many prospective employees look for first. If your benefits need a bit of a boost, talk to DHS to learn more about how our corporate wellness services serve both the employer and its employees.