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Health Tips for Employees

Is your organization encouraging employees to strive for a healthy lifestyle in the workplace? This can feel like a challenge for many people who often have to balance their career with family time, lifestyle choices, a social life and more, but it’s much easier to achieve with the right support from employers. Start with a few simple health tips for working professionals to get your employees on the right path.

Slow Down Caffeine Intake

We know drinking plenty of water is essential to our health. But sometimes we forget that limiting caffeine intake can also prevent “crashing” later in the workday. A cup of coffee (or other caffeinated beverage) every day isn’t a bad thing, but encourage employees to try a day without it or commit to stop caffeine intake after 2 p.m. for example. If they insist on multiple cups of coffee, suggest a glass of water between each cup to help them stay hydrated. 

Cutting the extra caffeine can also help eliminate sugar and/or cream in the coffee, pop, tea, and other beverages. It’s easy to forget about the extra calories in these ingredients, so imagine how employees will feel when they omit them altogether.

Maintain Meal Intervals

If it’s already a challenge for employees to complete their personal workloads, it’s likely even more difficult for them to commit to a healthy diet during the work week. Perhaps they’re running from meeting to meeting or have deadlines on the horizon that limit time for prepping a sensible meal. While skipping these meals may save time, it’s not a healthy decision. 

Equip employees with knowledge about regular meal intervals and healthy snacking habits. Give them the freedom (and the nudge!) to step away from their desk for lunch – whether that means enjoying a packed lunch from the breakroom, or visiting the building food court to purchase a meal. Taking a break gives the brain a rest, helps cut down on stress and even avoids eye strain for anyone who has to stare at a computer screen all day. 

Snacking shouldn’t be avoided, either. Employers can easily offer fun, healthy snacks that their workforce will appreciate. Not to mention the fact that they can deliver a much-needed afternoon energy boost! Cookies, candy and snack bags of chips or crackers are easy to grab and go, but healthier options like pieces of fruit, granola bars and even smoothies are better choices for a more productive team. 

Work on Posture

This next tip might not be as obvious on the healthy checklist of sorts, but posture is quite important – especially for any workforce that sits at a desk 40 hours a week. Desk posture can easily go out the window if an employee is studying a document on their screen. Our necks and spines endure added pressure when we lean forward or look down regularly. This makes desk chairs with stellar lumbar support very important, but employees may also benefit from a variety of neck exercises to steer clear of headaches and other pain. 

Prioritize Sleep

Taking breaks during the workday will make employees more productive. Likewise, prioritizing sleep at night will keep productivity high. But a good night’s sleep also boosts immunity and well-being to help us avoid health issues like diabetes and heart disease, among others. Employees are less likely to make mistakes or cause an accident on the job when they’re fully rested, too. 

Discovery Health Services

Is your organization communicating these health tips for employees at work? We encourage you to share these and other tips for a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. We know firsthand how employee wellness positively impacts a company’s workforce and bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about DHS Corporate Wellness Services that deliver actionable data and reduced expenses to help your team.