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Finding Top Healthcare Talent with Discovery Health Services

After nearly 20 years of providing medical staff and nurses to San Diego county hospitals and facilities, Discovery Health Services knows how to find and place top talent. While we’re most familiar with Southern California, we also serve large organizations and corporations coast to coast in 17 states. No matter where you are, here are our recruiting tips to help avoid missteps and start conquering healthcare staffing and recruiting hurdles.

Our Top Talent

DHS hires, staffs and places thousands of talented, multidisciplinary nurses, nurse aides and allied staff each year. We carefully interview every single recruit to find the right mix of experience and personality for a client’s specific role. Our top talent also must meet several onboarding and quality control requirements. In fact, our onboarding process is the most stringent in the industry, so you know staff will arrive well-trained, vetted and compliant. Read on to learn more about how we’ve been successful staffing key roles.


We hire more registered nurses (RNs) than any other role in the medical industry. With the extremely high demand for nurses right now, we have to make sure we’re appealing to them in big ways to maintain a deep enough reserve of top talent. 

This year, we explored – and found success with – offering flexible schedules with full-time guaranteed pay. Some people want job security and aren’t interested in working with a staffing agency (even with higher hourly rates). With this permanent employment model, they can have it all: flexibility, reliable hours, benefits and the opportunity to work in different fields. We require them to work specific shifts for a total of 36 hours per week. They have the right to decline certain shifts or add a few without incurring overtime. These nurses feel respected as a full-time employee of Discovery Health, and feel connected as a permanent part of our team. 

Nursing Aides

Our hospital clients and the home care and hospice agencies we serve depend on us primarily for a strong number of registered nurses (RNs). They also need many licensed vocational/practical nurses (LVNs/LPNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to provide proper care. 

To meet this need, we offer aides and technicians per-diem, block booking, travel and recruitment for hire options. When they join DHS as per-diem employees, they have unlimited flexibility to work as often as they like. We keep them on our active roster as long as their license, CPR and other documents are up to date. Allowing these caregivers to retain active status gives them an opportunity to take a multi-week or longer travel assignment and return to DHS per-diem shift work without having to complete the application process a second time. This option keeps our talent pool deep enough to serve many clients in Southern California and beyond.

Other Personnel

On top of the nurses and nursing aides we find and place in varying medical facilities, we also have great success hiring staff in allied specialties. These professions are distinct from medicine and nursing roles, and can include dental hygienists, diagnostic medical sonographers, medical technologists, physical therapists, radiographers, and speech language pathologists (among others). 

The challenge staffing companies face with these roles is knowing what skills and ingredients create the perfect fit. When it comes to filling research positions and medical trials support roles, DHS is unrivaled. In the past year alone, our DHS medical personnel have worked on six Covid-19 studies, learning and adapting to rapidly evolving regulatory standards. 

Providing clinical staff for trials and product research is a win-win for clients and staff alike: We can deliver both experienced staff to the client and an opportunity to work on intriguing projects to hirees. 


Helping in Hospitals, Care Facilities & More

Did you know we are the number one staffing agency in San Diego for non-hospital facility staffing? In addition to serving hospitals, our sought after staff help in a variety of facilities, including: 

  • sub- and post-acute rehabilitation clinics
  • skilled nursing facilities
  • long-term care facilities
  • specialty pharmacies
  • hospice and home health agencies
  • private residential care provider homes

With live, 24-hour on-call service and the industry’s best scheduling software, DHS is always ready to provide the staff our clients need – no matter what kind of facility they operate. Thanks to our on-call team, there is virtually no difference in calling for a need at 2:00 am and 2:00 pm during business hours.

Discovery Health Services Medical Staffing

Discovery keeps our clients’ business humming and compliant with nurse, aide and allied health staffing ratios. No matter who you need, or when and where you need them, turn to DHS. Connect with our 24-hour live on-call STAT staffing team by calling 855.249.5433. Or, visit us online to learn more about our medical staffing expertise and process.