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Every day we’re hearing about new outbreaks of COVID-19.

What’s the best way to protect your workforce? The idea of testing every employee on a regular basis can seem intimidating and time intensive. But at the same time, randomized testing can create confusion and frustration – and it’s not very reliable. So what’s the solution?

Consider cycle testing. This method organizes a workforce into representative groups and maps testing frequency based on a set of factors and goals, reducing testing costs while providing a quantifiable safety net. It is basically a happy medium between daily testing and randomized testing.

For example, with cycle testing you might test one person from each department daily, rotating the sample and letting them know in advance when they will be tested. This method will capture a snapshot of your teams and help you catch an outbreak before it goes too far. It also will satisfy the two loudest groups of employees you might have:

  1. The ones who are all about COVID testing. It’s likely you have people in your organization that will always want you to do more to prevent the spread of COVID. And they probably tell you about it, constantly. Using the cycled testing method will give them peace of mind, as they see you keeping them safe with the most effective testing strategy.
  2. The ones who never want to hear about COVID again. Yep, we’re sure you know these people too. They are also likely telling you how they feel, constantly. The cycled testing method gives them a sense of control and freedom, as they won’t be forced to take a test on a very regular basis. They will know the one day they have to test far enough in advance to make peace with it.

And the cherry on top? It will save you a lot of money. So why wait? Get ahead of the fall and winter outbreaks by scheduling cycled testing today.

We have this strategy down to a science.

Whether your team includes 25 or 2,500 employees, managing COVID-19 in the workplace requires persistence and detail. Keep your employees focused on the work at hand and turn to DHS for cycled Covid testing at your facility.


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