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Pricing for Immunizations and More

On-Site Clinic Vaccination Options

DHS vaccine clinics result in fewer employee sick days, increased productivity and improved employee retention. Happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company – a fact backed by years of research. 

With a tight labor market and unprecedented hiring costs, there’s no better time to invest in a safe, productive work environment. Learn more about each of our vaccine options available to your team.


COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Vaccine recipients who add this extra layer of prevention against the pandemic have a positive impact on not only themselves, but their families and workplaces alike. Even if they do contract the virus, the vaccine has been shown to help recipients avoid serious illness.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available in a single dose from Johnson & Johnson, or two doses from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. Ask us in advance about which version you prefer to offer at your clinic. If your organization employs front-line essential workers and health care workers (jobs in a high-risk setting), talk to our team about coordinating a booster shot clinic, too. We know the ins and outs of planning for both initial doses and booster shots, and can help you meet each of these needs.


Keep the flu out of the office when you bring a DHS clinic in. We offer quadrivalent cell-based influenza (flu) vaccines that are designed to protect against four different flu viruses, including two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses. These cell-based quadrivalent shots provide broader protection over trivalent egg-based shots that only protect against three of the four viruses

Did you know, we can provide both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the same time? To book these in the same clinic, talk to our team. We’re already booking 2021-2022 clinic dates for flu season. To get the most protection from the flu virus, schedule your fall date as soon as possible.

Vitamin Injections

We know the importance of creating all-inclusive clinics. For employees who don’t want the flu shot – or prefer something more natural – DHS offers a vitamin B-12 plus vitamin C injection as an alternative. Including these other options when hosting a flu shot clinic shows that the company respects each employee’s wellbeing.

Other Immunizations

We believe wellness should always be individualized and meet people where they’re at. Every employee’s needs are different, as are the needs of each organization we serve. It’s why DHS tailors corporate vaccine clinics around the size and vaccine preference of your team(s).

In addition to the COVID-19, flu and vitamin injections, DHS offers vaccines for shingles, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), Hepatitis A/B and much more. Offering these shots on site at your facility reduces employee travel time away from the office (to and from the doctor), and shows them that their health is a priority to the organization. 

No matter what your staff needs, we’ve got you covered. Find the full list of available immunizations and pricing details below. 

Additional Pricing Notes:

  • Rates are based on the quantity of vaccinations administered at each location/site/office.
    • Minimum charges Immunizations are priced and ordered according to quantity range categories. The minimum number of immunizations and services in the category requested/ordered will be charged regardless of employee participation. This is to ensure we are able to continue to offer competitive rates.
    • If less than established minimum of projected vaccinations are administered the client is billed for the minimum in contracted range.
  • Any and all unused vaccinations for which the client was billed will remain available to the client, for administration at our San Diego offices, for 30 days from the date of service, if the client’s account is in good standing.
  • Immunization clinics/events are generally scheduled for two-hour time blocks.
    • Nurses are provided according to established standards and a ratio of one nurse per 25 participants, per hour.
    • Clients may request a higher ratio of nurses for their event at a rate of $100/hour, per nurse.

We ask that each client estimate participation as accurately as possible to allow us to provide appropriate levels of staff and immunizations for each event

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