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You’ve probably heard about the trend of “quiet quitting” by now. But what does it really mean?


Really, it’s employee disengagement rebranded by Millennial and Gen-Z workers. Stemming from a season where many employees feel burnt out and undervalued, it’s a way of silently protesting the culture of hustle as they desire a healthier work-life balance.

Quiet quitting means to do exactly what you’re paid for (aka your job description) and nothing more. It results in lower engagement and productivity as well as bare minimum communication with management and one’s team. Going above and beyond, picking up someone else’s slack, or working late? Not happening.

So, as we are just coming off of the Great Resignation, where 4.4 million employees left their job, how can you prevent your employees from quiet quitting?

Create a workplace that people don’t want to leave.

The main cause of quiet quitting is employees feeling burnt out and undervalued – so show your team you care about them. Here are a few tips on how to combat workplace burnout:


  • Encourage employees to take their PTO. Check-in with employees throughout the year and encourage them to take time off. Help them plan who will cover for them while they’re out to make the idea less daunting.
  • Promote breaks throughout the work day. Nobody is actually working for 8 hours straight – so call it what it is and encourage your team to take the breaks they need! Even better, exemplify getting outside and going on a walk if possible. Not only will this signal to your team that breaks are acceptable, but it will promote a healthy practice that will benefit your team’s wellness and productivity.
  • Don’t expect employees to work late. Some organizations might have a busy season where the occasional late night is unavoidable. But overall, create a culture where leaving when the workday ends is normal.
  • Invest in an inclusive workplace wellness program. Providing your employees with a workplace wellness program that suits their needs will signal to them that you genuinely care about their well-being. From mental health care to inclusive wellness clinics and more, don’t miss a chance to show your team you care. 

Trends will come and go, but DHS will always be your ideal partner in workplace wellness

Combat quiet quitting by partnering with DHS today. As your partner, we will create a wellness plan exclusively for you workforce – creating an environment they want to work in!


Discovery Health Services

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