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Corporate wellness initiatives don’t always cater to the employees who need it most. Employees who are excited about taking an exercise class or receiving a wellness shot are not likely at high risk for health challenges.

Yoga and turmeric juice shots aren’t for everyone! By offering inclusive options for all of your employees, you send the message that you value everyone’s needs and wellbeing.

DHS specializes in helping companies reach employees who are not quick to buy into wellness programs.

DHS Workplace Wellness

1. Attainable Exercises and Stretches

High intensity exercise is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Intense or prolonged exercise can be such a daunting task, especially for employees that work on their feet all day.

Intimidated by intense exercise programs, these employees sometimes default to not moving at all after work hours.

Rather than taking an all or nothing approach, providing gentle movements and stretches helps make wellness more accessible to all employees.

2. Gentle Nutritional Coaching

Most people don’t like to be told how or what to eat. Food carries a lot of meaning in people’s lives, and making big, dramatic changes can be unsettling—not to mention difficult to maintain long-term.

Instead of asking employees to give up their favorite foods, gentle nutritional coaching can help them make small changes that add up over time.

What if your employees ate a side salad every day in addition to their regular dinner? What if they packed a filling snack to keep them full until dinner, so they didn’t have to stop for fast food on the way home?

Light nutritional coaching helps employees set small, achievable, sustainable goals that lead to better health outcomes long-term.

3. Vitamins and Supplements

We all lead busy lives. It can be difficult to take health into our own hands, especially when the behavioral changes feel labor intensive or time consuming.

For employees who feel this way, personalized vitamin and supplement routines can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle in under a minute each morning.

Taking vitamins and supplements does not ask employees to completely change the way they live, but will likely leave them feeling healthier and more energetic over time.

Workplace Wellness Support from DHS

Looking for realistic ways to bring wellness to your harder-to-reach employees? DHS specializes in practical solutions for every type of employee, no matter their health background.

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