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Tips for Finding Talented Healthcare Staff 

It’s no secret – hiring healthcare staff is a challenge right now. And that’s putting it lightly. After the pandemic burnout prompted some to exit the field entirely, other caregivers have become more particular about their job parameters. Both scenarios have left gaps in staffing, and the competition to fill them is fierce. 

What if your medical organization had someone to do the heavy lifting? Partnering with a reputable resource like DHS Medical Talent Management gives you an ability to flex hiring muscles like never before. Whether you’re in need of nurses, allied specialists, aides or specialty technicians, see how each step of the hiring process is made easier with DHS Medical Talent Management. 

Connect with Healthcare Staffing Candidates

DHS is the number one staffing agency in San Diego for non-hospital facility staffing. We hire, staff and place thousands of talented, multidisciplinary nurses, nurse aides and allied staff each year in a variety of facilities, including: 

  • sub- and post-acute rehabilitation clinics
  • skilled nursing facilities
  • long-term care facilities
  • specialty pharmacies
  • hospice and home health agencies
  • private residential care provider homes

We’ve found success with a permanent employment model that gives staffing candidates both flexible schedules and full-time guaranteed pay (plus benefits!). These nurses feel respected as a full-time employee of Discovery Health, and feel connected as a permanent part of our team.

Our aides and technicians join DHS as per-diem employees with a couple different options. Whether they like block booking, travel, or other recruitment-for-hire scenarios, we keep them on our active roster as long as their license, CPR and other documents are up to date. This flexibility means they don’t have to reapply at DHS after a multi-week travel assignment, and most importantly, it keeps our talent pool filled with plenty of candidates.

Vet Candidates for Best-Qualified Healthcare Personnel

Though we hire mostly registered nurses (RNs), licensed vocational/practical nurses (LVNs/LPNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs), DHS also has great success hiring staff in allied specialties roles, such as:

  • dental hygienists, 
  • diagnostic medical sonographers, 
  • medical technologists, 
  • physical therapists, 
  • radiographers, 
  • speech language pathologists, and
  • many others.

Some staffing companies focus on one of these areas, but DHS brings experience in all of them. From nurses to allied specialists, we carefully interview every single recruit to find the right mix of experience and personality for a client’s specific role. In fact, our onboarding process is the most stringent in the industry. Our nurses and specialty medical staffing talent must meet several quality control requirements along the way, so you can rest assured knowing staff will arrive well-trained, vetted and compliant.

Line Up a Reliable On-Call Team

If your staffing partner doesn’t offer 24-hour on-call service, what exactly are they staffing? A shift of their choice? That’s not a partner. Healthcare doesn’t have downtime, and neither do we. DHS clients enjoy live, 24-hour on-call service and the industry’s best scheduling software. It means we’re always ready to provide the staff our clients need – no matter what kind of facility they operate. Thanks to our on-call team, there is virtually no difference in calling for a need at 2:00 am and 2:00 pm during business hours. 

Use DHS for Your Medical Talent Management 

Let us mend your health facility staffing struggles. For a home health staffing agency to on-call medical staffing and everything in between, see the difference with DHS Medical Talent Management. Connect with our 24-hour live on-call STAT staffing team by calling 855.249.5433. You can also learn more about our other healthcare services like COVID-19 testing, corporate wellness, onsite vaccinations and booster shots, from the Services tab on our homepage