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Your doctor office or healthcare facility measures success in patient outcomes. But your medical office staffing strategy plays a huge role in achieving that success.

That’s why understanding when and how to hire medical staff is crucial to both serving your patients and maintaining a well-run practice. If you typically wait until someone quits or an employee tells you they’re overwhelmed to explore staffing options, the pros at Discovery health Systems have news for you:

The recent pandemic highlighted starkly the benefits of hiring additional medical staff now.

Read on for our insight into how to determine staffing needs for a variety of medical facilities, the benefits of flexible medical staffing options and medical staff solutions that can boost morale while improving your overall bottom line.

Understanding When to Hire Medical Staff

Want in on the secret sauce for how to prevent workplace burnout? Start by understanding why and how to hire medical staff before you need them, stir in some creative medical staff options like floating and on-call professionals, then boil it all down to the medical staff solutions that fit your practice.

Here’s a brief look at who benefits when you amplify your medical office staffing:

Your Patients

A human voice on the phone, an empathetic ear in the exam room, a caring response in the billing office: These elements can make or break your practice. Patients notice the humanity of your staff in terms of customer service that goes beyond determining medical necessity of procedures and prescriptions.

Your Other Employees

Everyone needs a break now and then, especially medical office staff who perform at their best day in and day out. When you have ample workers to cover vacations, days off and sick leave — without overburdening the few remaining on-the-clock workers — all your employees feel valued and respected, rather than overworked and stressed out.

Your Bottom Line

It’s more expensive to hire new workers than to retain loyal employees. Between lower productivity while you’re short-staffed and your time away from seeing patients while you interview prospects, your practice’s bottom line suffers during the hiring process. But when you’ve got multiple medical staffing options, like on-call or short-term temps, you can maintain a level of professionalism that keeps your practice in the black.

Determining Medical Staff Necessity

Most healthcare providers know how to determine staffing needs by using “full-time equivalent” or FTE calculations. These formulae can be useful for figuring out a baseline for both administrative and medical office staffing. The numbers can get complicated, though, if your office is prioritizing mental and physical wellness at work by offering job-sharing opportunities or supplementing full-time staff with part-time insurance billers or other flexible positions.

In essence, determining staffing levels is complex and depends on many variables, including the number of Workers’ Comp claims coming in, the experience and expertise of different staff members, and whether satellite locations require additional workers.

Medical Staffing Options and Solutions

A medical staff agency can help by off-loading some or all of your medical office staffing. Whether you’d like assistance building a skilled and personable full-time staff or you need help during scheduled vacations, a healthcare crisis or a single-day event, Discovery Health Services offers tips on how to hire medical staff for a variety of settings and situations.

For Doctor Offices

Need a few licensed medical technicians to help out during a National Immunization Awareness Month vaccination drive? Looking for full-time candidates to get your satellite office up and running? We vet our workers for licensure and experience in a number of fields, so you can trust that they’ll be ready to hit the ground running in your new or existing facility.

For Hospitals

Let us find the RNs, LVNs, LPNs or CNAs you need to keep your hospital humming during a healthcare crisis. We can also help fill a wide array of specialty roles with well-qualified and vetted professionals that include:

  • Dental hygienists
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers
  • Medical technologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Radiographers
  • Speech language pathologists

For Corporate Clinics

The rise of corporate clinics is evidence that more employers see the value in investing in employee wellness. But how do you hire medical staff for a one-day or week-long event? And how do you find highly qualified medical staff solutions for a permanent onsite clinic? By partnering with a medical staff agency like Discovery Health, you can create meaningful support for all your workers without spending your valuable time searching for and vetting qualified medical personnel.

Medical Staff Options From Discovery Health

Discovery Health is your all-in-one medical solutions staffing agency. We deliver 24-hour on-call service and the industry’s best scheduling software for stress-free medical talent management. Whether you need help determining staffing levels that make sense for your growing practice or finding flexible medical staffing options for a complex healthcare facility, we’ve got the resources and talent to transform medical office staffing headaches into collaborative solutions.