Types of Employment


All Allied Staff, Medical Specialty Personnel, Nurses, and Caregivers that join our company as per-diem employees have unlimited flexibility to work as often as they like.

  • Per-diem employees are considered "at-will" employees and are under no obligation to accept shifts or work any minimum number of hours.
  • Per-diem employees remain on our active roster and are eligible to work as long as their current license, CPR, and other related documents are current.

Allowing employees to retain active status gives our Allied Staff, Medical Specialty Personnel, Nurses and Caregivers the opportunity to take a travel assignment and return to per-diem shift work without having to complete the application process a second time.

Local Traveler

Local traveler contracts are typically 13 weeks and can be written to auto-renew at the end of the stated term. Nurses that sign a local traveler contract typically agree to work a minimum of 72 hours for every 14 days of the contract term.

  • Nurses that choose this agreement have the option of working when and where they prefer in San Diego so long as the minimum hourly requirement is met.
  • There is no commitment to work a particular hospital or shift and nurses always retain the option of declining or accepting an offered shift.

Local travelers are paid a weekly cost of living stipend and an hourly wage that is comparable to rates paid for traditional traveler contracts. Under this agreement, nurses can work a number of consecutive days to meet their hour requirements and use their free days to vacation (at any time) before their contract even ends. Health insurance benefits are also available through our local traveler program.

Term Buyout

In a term buyout employment agreement the nurse/caregiver typically is under contract to work at a specific facility for a set duration.

  • At the end of the contract term, the facility and nurse/caregiver each have the option to exercise a "buyout".
  • If the nurse/caregiver would like to continue to work at the facility as an employee of the facility, the client can offer such permanent employment for a fee paid to DMS.

The term buyout option works especially well for nurses looking for the security and consistency of full-time employment with one facility and has the added benefit of allowing a nurse/caregiver and the client to determine whether they are a "good fit" without an upfront, long-term commitment.

Private Duty Home Care & Nursing

Private Duty Nurses and Caregivers work under the same terms as per-diem employees unless special arrangements are made to suit the needs of the client and agreed to by the nurse/caregiver.

  • With private/personal care patients there is more time and effort given to deliver the kind of service requested by the client.
  • DMS has made several options available to our employees that perform this kind of work, including buyout contracts that allow an employee of DMS to reach an agreement for private hire at the end of a certain period of time.

Employees can of course work with the same client as employees of DMS for as long as the client and/or employee like, with alternatives always remaining available. Caregivers and nurses that prefer to work with a single patient in a home setting agree to be interviewed by a patient's family or guardian to ensure a good match between patient and caregiver.


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