Vaccination Clinics Are Now Covered By Insurance!

Jun 16, 2022

DHS is thrilled to announce that major insurance companies now cover our on-site clinics. This means that at no cost to you, DHS can visit your facility and give employees a…

  • Flu Shot
  • Covid Vaccination
  • Pneumonia Vaccination
  • Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) Immunization
  • Hepatitis Vaccination 
  • And more!

When you discuss planning an on-site clinic with a DHS representative, we will chat about your company, what immunizations you’d like to offer, and what the event will look like. On the day of, DHS will send a licensed professional to meet with employees and facilitate your clinic.

With insurance coverage, your clinic will have a health care professional for 1 hour for every 25 people in your company. This means that if you have 25 people in your company, a nurse will be on-site for one hour facilitating immunizations. If your company has 100 people, insurance will cover one nurse for four hours. If you wish to extend your clinic or hire more health care professionals, that would be the only time you have an out-of-pocket cost.

Start planning your clinic today!

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Why You Need A Workplace Wellness Plan

You may be wondering: Is it worth my time to schedule an on-site clinic?

The short answer: Yes!

The slightly longer answer: Offering something like a flu shot to your team when they’re already in the office, free of charge, results in fewer employee sick days, increased productivity, and improved employee retention. Happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company – a fact backed by years of research.

You can even take it a step beyond one-day clinics by providing them with a long-term, tailored workplace wellness program. This might look like having an on-site nurse at your organization for a few days a week, offering flu shot alternative treatments like vitamin injections, or IV Therapy. When your employees feel empowered by the wellness options available to them, you’ll see higher rates of participation and greater benefits for your organization as a whole.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of investing in your employees’ health? Contact us today!


Discovery Health Services

Wellness options that your employees care about are essential to meaningful impact. Through our programs and technology, you will collect actionable data to address productivity, inform hiring decisions, and increase profits.

Only Discovery Health Services (DHS) offers a new approach to workplace wellness that helps both businesses – and their people – thrive.

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