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Is your organization struggling to retain employees? Now is the perfect time to consider onsite wellness programs as a solution to increase employee retention. Wellness programs promote a positive workplace culture, help your employees prioritize their health, increase employee productivity and so much more. In turn, these all contribute to better employee retention and fewer sick days – which means you can take a break from looking for staff replacements and extra help. Invest in the ones you already have with corporate wellness programs from Discovery Health Services (DHS). 

What is a Wellness Program? 

Wellness programs are activities in the workplace that make employees feel taken care of. Designed to enhance the health, fitness and/or wellbeing of employees, onsite health solutions could include diagnostic health screenings, vaccination clinics, biometric measurements, weight loss competitions, and health consultations among others. Companies of all sizes can invest in corporate wellness programs as part of an employee retention strategy and to establish a health-focused culture. 

Wellness in the New Year

Why is the new year an operative time to launch wellness programs? First, it’s a fresh start and people are often looking to implement new, healthy habits. If the programs are connected to any health insurance benefits, it makes sense to start them when benefits/deductibles renew each calendar year. 

Second, it’s flu season. Offering the seasonal flu vaccine right on site at your facility makes it easy for employees to access the shot and spend less time away from work to get it. This shot can keep your team healthy during the winter when illness spreads easily. And speaking of illness, COVID-19 (specifically the Omicron variant) – is spreading like wildfire. The holidays have led to spiking infection rates across the country. Offering a COVID vaccine clinic in your workplace can help keep your employees healthy by limiting the spread of illness or at least the severity of symptoms. 

How Wellness Programs Benefit Your Employees

Wellness programs are meant to improve employee health, and they’re a perfect opportunity to meet people where they’re at. Employees benefit when they participate in wellness programs because they can: 

  • Develop healthy habits
  • Reduce chronic disease
  • Increase energy and mood
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduce stress

Curating these services to meet individual needs makes employees feel more appreciated at work. Plus, these programs often result in employees needing fewer sick days. 

Soon, employees can experience even more personalized wellness through the DHS Wellness 360 Platform. The app offers a built-in incentive program, captures data for employees to track their wellness journey, and measures ROI and VOI for employers. We’re also including resources to support ongoing mental health. The app meets the needs of both on-site and remote workers, making corporate wellness programs more accessible than ever. This affordable app is a single truth for all things wellness and drives a high-performance workplace.

How Wellness Programs Benefit Your Company 

DHS’ distinctly customized approach has proven a worthwhile investment for our clients because they experience fewer sick days, lower insurance premiums and better productivity – all of which helps the organization achieve its full potential. The healthier employees are, the happier and more productive they are. As a result, they tend to work longer at their company because they view their employer in a positive light. 

Health and wellness programs improve employee retention. In other words, they help organizations unlock the potential that’s already sitting in front of them. Wellness services across the organization can cost far less than one person’s wages for an entire month. When you consider the arduous process of hiring, managing and onboarding new employees, making an investment in the people who are already there is the lowest cost way to increase your profitability. 

Get Started Without the Hassle

Here are a few practical steps for incorporating wellness initiatives into your workplace: 

  • Engage employees through surveys or focus groups to find out what kind of programming they’d benefit from and enjoy the most.
  • Implement informational lunch-and-learn sessions to engage the team about varying wellness topics.
  • Build in mental health days as part of the employee benefit package. 
  • Offer stress-management techniques or programs.
  • Integrate massage and/or meditation programs periodically on site.
  • Increase each employee’s number of personal days.
  • Create a dedicated relaxation room for employees to take a breather.

DHS makes it easy for companies to offer health services like seasonal flu shots, COVID-19 testing and vaccines, diagnostic screenings, weight loss programs, drug and alcohol screenings and much more. Our experts partner with your HR team to design programs that fit the size of your workforce, your budget and facility space. Our professional staff also provides helpful tools before the clinic, including e-copies of consent forms, educational materials and FAQ’s, and customizable eblasts for you to send out to employees to promote participation.  

Discovery Health Services

Wellness programs from Discovery Health Services help people be more profitable and successful. In this time when health and retention are challenging the job market in unprecedented ways, wellness programs like vaccine clinics and diagnostic screenings are more important than ever. There’s no doubt these programs play an instrumental role in your employee retention strategy, so contact DHS today to start building a program personalized to your workforce.