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One thing is certain in these uncertain times: health and safety guidelines continue to evolve as we learn more about this pandemic and attempt to get back to “normal” life. Two of the strongest tools in our virus-fighting arsenal continue to be vaccination and testing. 

It’s why the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires organizations with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccination or weekly COVID-19 testing. The rule impacts 84 million Americans who will have to submit to ongoing testing if they want to come to work. 

Closer to home, Los Angeles requires patrons to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine before they can enter restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, gyms, spas or salons. The mandate calls for vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test for attendees of large, outdoor events. Statewide, all elementary through high school students are now required to get coronavirus vaccines.

Between the Los Angeles and federal mandates, many organizations need reliable COVID testing options to keep up with the weekly demand. That’s where Discovery Health Services can help. DHS offers many testing choices to help businesses meet compliance. Availability, cost and scheduling logistics vary, so it’s important to understand how each option works. Here’s the scoop about on-site, proctor and over-the-counter COVID testing options from DHS. 

On-Site Testing

Organizations that rely on large group on-site COVID-19 testing have turned to DHS since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether you operate large-scale events, work in the entertainment industry and test cast and crew consistently, or fall under OSHA’s 100+ employee mandate, there are different testing options to meet your team’s needs:

  • PCR tests: The most accurate of all test products, PCR tests are analyzed in a CAP-Accredited Laboratory with two-day results. Same-day or 24-hour results are available for an additional fee. This option works well for organizations with a large group of employees that need to meet weekly testing mandates and want accurate, lab-analized results. 
  • Rapid Antigen tests: Need quicker results? Rapid Antigen tests deliver 15-minute results with fast, accurate, professional assay using the latest technology in on-site COVID-19 testing products. Use Rapid Antigen on-site testing for day-of meetings, weddings, concerts and gatherings.

We created special programs for manufacturing, office settings and employee travel, and our expert staff custom tailors each testing event specifically to your situation. DHS even assigns an account manager to lend their expertise and ensure the testing program delivers real ROI while honoring employee perspectives and conforming to applicable labor laws.

Proctor Testing

Need a more flexible testing option? With proctor testing, DHS supplies kits for your employees to perform their own test while proctors verify the results remotely. Employees can choose to test at home, in their car or at work – wherever is most convenient – and our proctors confirm results in real time on remote video. 

This option is fast and simple, and can offer cost savings over on-site testing where a medical professional comes to your facility to perform the tests themselves. Choose from individual or group testing options, and even test multiple employees all on ONE call. The proctor posts official results in your company dashboard for easy data management, which also offers the ability to store vaccine records. Outside of the office, employees can use the complimentary mobile app as a vaccine passport to show proof of a negative test for social gatherings, concerts and other health checks.

Over-the-Counter Testing

While on-site and proctor testing services work best for most of our corporate clients and other large groups, we are always striving for continuous improvement. With that in mind, DHS now offers the convenience of over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 testing. This option helps clients efficiently test employees with rapid results within 10 to 15 minutes. Employees can take the test in their own home or office, without the need for an on-site healthcare professional to administer it.

This is an affordable and quick option, but it can be hard to validate results and challenging to find supply. Contact our team to see if OTC testing could work for your business, or consider our on-site and/or proctor testing services instead.

Benefits of Testing with DHS

Each of our testing programs is created and managed by proven expertise and the DHS quality difference that comes with 20+ years of experience in wellness. Our on-site group and employee COVID-19 testing services are the most comprehensive as we provide:

  • All policy documents
  • Employee messaging templates
  • Logistical planning
  • Personnel
  • Supplies

We also create a HIPAA-compliant aggregate report on each testing day for your company records. 

Quick Testing Time 

No matter which format you choose, the testing process itself is quick and simple so your organization can meet compliance in less time. Employees arrive at their scheduled time and test with our on-site medical professional or virtual proctor, or they perform the test at home themselves with an OTC kit. It takes just a matter of minutes to complete the test.

COVID Testing Available

Whether you need on-site or proctor services, or your organization prefers over-the-counter efficiency, DHS has the COVID-19 testing options you need to keep your team healthy, safe and compliant. Contact us today to get started planning your next testing event. 

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