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When to Schedule an On-site Flu Shot Clinic  

Just as drinking pumpkin spice beverages, enjoying a hayride and wearing flannel are synonymous with fall, so too should be scheduling an on-site flu shot clinic. Winter is coming, and with it comes flu season. Make sure to make the most of these fall months so your team is prepared for the change in seasons and the onslaught of germs. 

Get Accessible Care

Maybe you’re used to automatically getting a flu shot at the doctor each fall as though it is second nature. But not everyone at your organization has the ability – either financially or logistically – to make that appointment, take time off work, and pay for the visit. That’s why scheduling a clinic at your facility makes the flu shot more accessible to everyone. 

An on-site flu shot clinic delivers accessible care by meeting employees right where they are. It shows employees you have their best interest in mind, and that you value their time. Getting the shot at work during their regular shift frees up their time off to be home with family, or out doing something they love instead of tracking down healthcare providers, appointments and shots. 

Clinic May Be Covered by Insurance

We know the question employers often want answered first – how much does a flu shot clinic at work cost? That depends on the size of your participating workforce and the duration of the event. We are able to bill insurance to offset the cost per insured person. On top of that, the ROI of setting up employees for success ahead of flu season (keeping them more productive, in the office, away from the doctor) is invaluable.

Alternative Flu Shot Options

When you schedule a flu shot clinic with Discovery Health Services, we give you the option of offering immune-system-boosting vitamin B-12 plus vitamin C injections for anyone who prefers more natural options. This option is a great way to demonstrate inclusivity and respect for all employees. 

When to Get a Flu Shot

November is a smart time to book a flu shot appointment or hold an on-site clinic for your staff. This gives recipients protection over the holidays and covers the typical peak months of December through February. That said – anyone who gets vaccinated after November can still get protected for much of the flu season. Get it when you can, the earlier the better.  

Why Get a Flu Shot?

Benefits for Employees 

The CDC recommends a flu shot for everyone 6 months of age and older (though there are a few exceptions). Annual vaccination is the best way to reduce risk from the seasonal flu, and it can help you avoid doctor’s visits, time away from work, and other health-related expenses. If you do get sick, studies have shown vaccinated individuals often experience a reduced severity of illness. 

Benefits for Employers

When companies offer flu shots to employees, they often see fewer employee sick days, increased productivity and improved employee retention. Happy and healthy employees work harder and are loyal to their company – a fact backed by years of research. 


DHS Flu Shot Clinics

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